. Step-by-Step Guides.Please note that all Step-by-Step Guides are no longer up to date and may do not reflect changes to the CONNECTIONS application or current business process that have been made since the publication dates noted for each Guide. Nevertheless, they do contain information which some users may find useful. Reflect changes made to various parts of the CONNECTIONS application since the publication of the Step by Step Guides.

Resource/Reference Guides. Please note:if you receive an error message when attempting to open the Resource and Reference Guides listed below click the 'Refresh' button on the toolbar and then click on the Resource Guide you wish to open. (Updated 2/2015). (dated 2/18/04) Step by Step Guides CONNECTIONS Case Management Step by Step Guide Please note that the version of the Step by Step Guide posted below is printable by select pages by clicking on the Print Icon on the toolbar and selecting on the Print screen, Print Range; clicking on 'pages from' and selecting only those pages that they want to print. (dated 5/5/06). (dated 5/2006). (dated 02/28/07)(this guide replaces the Build 18 Quick Start Guide along with the CPS and FAD Building Blocks Step-By-Steps).

(dated 2/07) For CPS Workers. (dated 3/01/07; includes Build 18.8 through 18.8.5 changes). (dated 2/2007). (dated 06/13/06). (dated 6/2006).


(dated 12/30/04) For FAD Workers. (dated 1/23/2006). (dated 4/12/06). (dated 11/18/03) For OCFS Data Warehouse. (dated 11/10/03).

Cps Quickstart For Macbook Pro

(dated 11/10/03) For All Workers. (dated 4/28/06). (dated 4/06).

Cps Quickstart For Macbook Air

(dated 5/5/06). (dated 5/2006).


(dated 4/12/06). (dated 4/12/06). (dated 6/3/05).