ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION: The cause / effect relationship between and is very contradictory in the. Some authors deny that this relationship exists, while others affirm it. OBJECTIVE: To identify the presence of in first and, taking into account their age and.: The sample consisted of 106 from the first and of. They were collected according to the following:, and over 35 years of age. All the in the sample underwent a stomatological examination to the, the presented clinical, as well as to evaluate the of the. RESULTS: It was found that 36 of the were carriers of: 34 had and two.


The most abundant clinical was fibro-edematous. Of the 36, 33 were and three were over 35 years old. None of the presented EP.

Examen De Ciudadania

Of the total of, 20 were in the first quarter and 16 in the third. Of the 36 sick, 29 had poor for 80.55 percent and only seven showed efficient for 19.44 percent. CONCLUSIONS: is common among pregnant the first and third quarter which contributes to poor, age, as well as elevated during (AU)Assuntos.