Hello all, Today I bought the 4tb “My Passport” from Best Buy. I came home to set it up and backup my computer (a 2015 MacBook Pro running El Capitan 10.11.6) Before I did anything to it, I read through the user’s guide and saw that I needed to format it to use with my MacBook. So, I followed the steps- I went into Disk Utility, selected “My Passport,” clicked “erase,” selected “OS X Extended (Journaled)” as the format, and clicked “erase” once again. After working for a moment, it told me that the operation had failed because “MediaKit reports not enough space on drive”. I FIND ALL THIS LAUGHABLE. I signed in here just to vent about exactly this.

Every time I buy a hard drive it’s a gong show. So, my seagate falls off my table tonight- toast. I buy this my passport -seems tougher. Of course -Cant get it to format. I am tempted to just click the ‘my passport’ instead of the subheading but oh no, i spend an hour in safe mode following this: I found it extremely amusing that when I open this forum the first topic at the top is exactly this WHY WHY does it have to be this way - mis honkin leading instructions every timeI will improve the conversation by saying thx to Donald for helping Dean and Dean, you aren’t the only one ps I knew i was in trouble right off the bat when I googled the WD website and within a paragraph there the red ink telling me about the possible error and trouble. I am totally pissed.

Format Wd 1tb Hard Drive For Mac

I purchase this wd passport 2 tb and I feel like smashing it against a wall. I simply wanted a normal external hd that I could attach to my computer and use it.

Couldn’t do anything. I don’t need all this ■■■■ security or backup.

External Hard Drive For Mac

I tried reformating it but wouldn’t let me. Couldn’t eject it, had to unplug the usb but it was still on my computer and it refused to eject. Locked my computer and had to restart. Wouldn’t even mount anymore. Piece of ■■■■. Returning tomorrow. How do people give this thing such good reviews beats me.