Sponsored links Google Chrome Offline installer Google Chrome Offline installer. Why use Google Chrome Standalone offline installer, if you can just install it directly through a browser? Unfortunately, not all of us has the privilege of having a fast internet connection. Installing Google Chrome with default Chrome installer, is sometimes not a good option. Because if your connection is weak the installation process may stop or disconnected.

Then you have to restart the process again and again until the next morning. Perhaps, that answers the question above, “Why we need Google Chrome Offline installer?”.

Chrome direct download links are provided below. Pros:. Free Web browser. Not dependent on Internet. Faster installation.


Updates automatically after installation. Advantages of Google Chrome offline installer. You can install it even without Internet connection. Installation time is reduced to seconds instead of minutes. It is portable, thus installing it to as many computer as you want is not an issue. Disadvantages. 43 times larger than the Google Chrome download manager-installer.

Google Chrome Offline Installer For Win 10

Google chrome offline installer for windows 7

Takes time to download depending on your Internet speed. (note: You will only download it once, it’s worth it.). May become obsolete overtime (but once installed and you are connected to the Internet, Chrome will update automatically). System requirements Google Chrome can run on different platforms. Below are minimum system requirements you need to know before installing Chrome in your system. Windows user.

Windows 10 operating system, Windows 8/8.1, Vista and (Windows XP service pack 2 until only at the end of year 2015). Intel Pentium 4 or higher (AMD equivalent). Free disk space should be 350 MB or above. RAM 512 MB or higher. Sponsored links. Fedora Linux 17, Ubuntu 12.04+, OpenSuSE 12.2+ and Debian 7+.

Pentium 4 Intel processor or above. 350 MB or more free disk. 512 MB, higher is better. MAC Users.

Mac OS X 10.6 or later Mac operating system. 64-bit Intel processor. Free disk 350 MB.

RAM, 512 MB. How to install Google Chrome? If you think your Internet connection is at least “very good”, download Chrome default installer.

Google Chrome Offline Installer For Pc

This is the easiest way but may take longer if your connection is weak. Simply click the “Download Chrome” button. Click the accept and install, to start the download of default chrome installer. Run the installer then click “Yes” if you are prompted to do so. Wait and follow the installation wizard until the installation is complete.

If your connection is a bit slow, you need to download Google Chrome offline installer from a friend or in Cyber cafes that has a very good speed of Internet. Save it to your flash drive or any portable devices. Plug-in your portable device and run the Google Chrome offline installer. To be safe run it as administrator. Just follow the installation wizard until the process is completed. To update it to the latest version, simply use it every time you browse the web. It will just automatically update as long as you are connected to the Internet.

For me, I use the number 2 option because I used to install Chrome browser to many computers. I found Google Chrome offline installer, easy to install, handy and fast. It saves me time.

But how about you? What’s your choice? Please share us your opinion at the comment box below.

Google Chrome Offline Installer For All Users

Google Chrome Offline Installer For Mac

It will be highly appreciated.