Note: web, android, KVMS pro are working in my home and through 3g dongle. Please help me how to allow amazon services in my office firewall. Hi All, I have two CP Plus dvr's installed in remote location.I am able to view cameras from my home and 3g network but i am unable to view cameras from my office network. Cp plus dvr software for mac. After R&D I came to know that cp plus instaon cloud service is maintained by amazon so my office firewall(dell sonicwall) is blocking the services. I tried through web, through gcmob(android), and through Instaon but i am unable to view it from my office network.(contacted our office admin but they were helpless) Through web it shows login failed, through android it shows login failed or timeout error and through pc application (KVMS pro) it shows unable to get device information.


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