Is the type of movie that you can come in at any point and get into the characters and the plot.I saw it at the U.S.A. Film Festival in Dallas.I missed the beginning,and I heard a few people walked out because of a soft porn scene.I absolutely loved the movie, the actors were perfect for the parts,all of them. I noticed that I was actually sitting next to John Hawke, who was very a funny, honest character.(He was laughing too)Expect to laugh,laugh,and giggle,I was very impressed.Miranda J. Is brilliant,she is a really talented actress, who plays a quirky struggling artist,very funny.This movie touches on things that we think, and feel everyday,but are scared to tell.The characters do a great job of making you feel and love each and every one of them.

If you know me you ll know my love for macbeth

This is for my Baby Damulag. I love you so much everyday, I cherish every single moment I spend with you. Ikaw na yung gusto kong makasama habang buhay. You are the one that I've been searching for my whole life through.

My love for you is immeasurable. This song is perfect for us. We love each other more than we know, more than what we show the world, more than anything else. When I found you, sabi ko sa sarili ko ikaw na talaga.

Ayaw ko na mawalay sayo. Kahit sa pangalawang buhay ikaw ang gusto ko makasama. Ikaw ang buhay ko at pag-asa. My life changed for the better because you've made me realize that I have a great purpose. I know the answer to my questions now. You made me feel love every single minute. Mahal na mahal kita!

If You Know Me, You Ll Know My Love For Mac

Wala na akong ibang hahanapin pa sayo Marlon. I dedicate this song for you. Only for you mahal ko. I'm proud to let the whole world know that I'm in love with you. Without you I'm not complete.

Salamat Marlon koh. God will always be our guide in our relationship. Stay strong lang tayo kahit ano mn mangyari. If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts. Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say. Also we collected some tips and tricks for you:.

If You Know Me You Ll Know My Love For Macbeth


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