What is Structr? Structr is the world's most advanced graph application platform. A powerful toolkit that uses the benefits of a graph database and allows building even complex software applications in much less time and effort than traditional development techniques. In addition to the benefits of graph technology itself, Structr provides unprecedented speed and flexibility in application development. Any structure and content can be modified through a graphical user interface.

Install Graph Viewer Freeware Downloads: Simple Graph Viewerframe

Changes take effect immediately without costly compilation or deployment. The secret is that the entire definition of the application - from the data model to the business logic to the user interface - is modeled as a coherent graph and stored in a graph database. This allows to render markup and content in real-time directly from the graph and develop an application in a truly agile way, giving direct influence on the results at any time to power users and decision makers. Key Benefits Structr combines graph technology with a smart set of tools in a single, integrated software. Built on Graph Technology The best data persistence technology available for fastest queries on complex, connected and semantically enrichted data. One Single, Integrated Tool Download a single file, install and start Structr on your machine or a server, then use a web browser to create and run your web application.

Hassle-free Development with Instant Feedback No compilation or deployment required, get test feedback immediately while building sophisticated web and mobile applications. Modular Architecture Use Structr as a REST/GraphQL backend to create micro services or use the full power of the platform with the backend UI. Open Source with Dual License Find the right edition with the set of features that fit your needs. All commercial editions come with support directly from the core developers of Structr.

Advertisement. Simple Graph Viewer is a simple, Java based tool designed to help you view graphs fast and easy. Customizable template object palette. Spellchecker (see below about dictionaries). Import/export WMF, EMF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, MNG, ICO, GIF and PCX images. Slide show viewer.

Install graph viewer freeware downloads: simple graph viewership

Simple graph plotter to plot mathematical expressions. The simple graph is a reusable stand-alone component that comes with the ASP report wizard. This component can be used to generate simple for data driven reports. These charts & graphs are pure HTML charts (no images included).


Because no images are. JSynoptic renders information graphically. It can be used as a simple graph plotter, or as a complex run-time monitoring environment. The user sets up shapes (like plots) on graphical pages, and uses data sources (ex: ASCII file) to render. Koolon is a simple graph (network) modeling tool with interactive data visualization like Prefuse. It allow to create entities, relations, ontologies, directed and undirected graphs and any abstract network. simple, personal activity monitor.

Create dynamic database reports with just one line of code. Generate reports from tables and views, combine tables and view to generate drilled down reports. Add charts & graphs and multiple report summaries including MIN, MAX, SUM etc. Simpel service for ANDROID for long time monitoring the battery level. A log file in csv format is created /sdcard/BatteryDog/battery.csv which contains timestamp and all available battery info, like level, temperature and voltage.

Includes simple. Gwyddion is a modular program for SPM (scanning probe microscopy) data visualization and analysis. Primarily it is intended for analysis of height fields obtained by scanning probe microscopy techniques (AFM, MFM, STM, SNOM/NSOM), however it can be. PyPLIB provides Python bindings to PLIB's Simple Scene Graph and Geometry libraries. Requires Python 2.1+ and Boost. Simple Java Graph is a minimal matrix- and listbased graph implementation.

An AStar search algorithm is also. Our dynamic line graph applet makes it easy to display line graphs on your web site, like the one below. The colors, size and values can be easily set using simple HTML tags. The line graph applet can be used in any server environment, including. The Big Faceless Java Graph Library is a 100% Java class library for creating graphs and charts. Version 2 of the Graph Library builds on the same full 3D platform and adds a substantial number of new features requested over the last 5 years. This project develops a simple, fast and easy to use Python graph library using NumPy, Scipy.

This tool is based on Graph Theory learning. It can help professors and students to teach and learn the Graph Theory easier. With this tool, people can draw simple graphs and even apply functions on their drawn. A very simple java tool to plot functions and explore the graph,source code available.Also includes a class 'ParseFunction' that evaluate the numeric values of a function given as a string with a unknown variable in a selected range.

Graph Package (GPack) is a solution for developing simple graphics in Delphi environment. GPack includes 2 components TGraph & TGraph3D which help users to create 2D/3D graphic applications in an easiest and quickest. SSG-Generator (formerly Scheduled Sequencing Graph Generator) is a simple, open-source, academic software written to understand fundamentals of High Level Synthesis of system. Squid Graph is a free, simple, yet powerful Squid v2 native logfile analysis tool that generates reports with graphical representation of the proxy server's traffic, somewhat like the popular MRTG. The Graph Theory Tool is a simple GUI tool to demonstrate the basics of graph theory in discrete mathematics.

It allows you to draw your own graph, connect the points and play with several algorithms, including Dijkstra, Prim, Fleury. Simple Home Budget is a personal budget manager for home. Graph Digitizer 2.1 is considered as a smart and useful.

Graph Plotter is a powerful tool which can help you to. Falco Graph builder for students. Graph Digitizer Scout automatically converts hard-copy. Simple Library Software for Windows.

Easy-to-use Windows. Simple FTP Client is a free ftp client featuring a simple. simple Python robot simulator 2D was designed as a. Simple Home Budget is a personal budget manager for. Origramy is a XML-driven flash graph component designed Visit for more of the top downloads here at WinSite!