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Increasingly efficient Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential to reduce energy consumption. The estimates that heating and cooling account for about 45% of the average household's utility costs.

In fact, the estimates that 45% of the energy consumed by the United States government, the single largest user of energy in theCountry, is used to heat, ventilate and cool buildings. The HVAC market includes the regulating and monitoring of air temperature, pressure and quality in commercial and residential buildings. HVAC applications range from residential furnaces and AC units used for home heating and cooling to large complex, computer-driven systems to heat and cool large buildings and business campuses. Industrial HVAC applications include VAV (variable air volume) control, static duct pressure, clogged HVAC filter detection, HVAC transmitters and indoor air quality monitoring systems.

Original Ac Low Pressure Sensor For Mac

Ac Low Pressure Valve

Pressure sensors are one of many components used to make these systems operate correctly and efficiently. Pressure sensors play a key role in making HVAC systems more efficient by measuring air flow and pressure throughout the system for effective air distribution. By measuring pressure of individual rooms and monitoring the air flow to each room, the HVAC system can optimize a building’s cooling, heating and air flow and reduce energy consumption. All Sensors employs a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) piezoresistive technology housed in a durable, printed circuit mountable packages. Our pressure sensors (transducers) are designed for dry air and gas with a focus on low pressure (.