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We are not compensated by companies for their reviews, but we may be compensated for links and advertisements on our website. Resume Builders You've heard of the importance of a good first impression? Well, your resume is the first impression your prospective employer has of you. Do you want to be remembered as Cluttered? Or Precise, Interesting, and To-the-Point? Companies don't have time to interview everyone who applies for a job.

They eliminate most job applicants based on a decision from their resume. If you don't have a good, clean, interesting resume to start with, you'll never get that next chance for a job interview.

2018 Resume Builder Reviews Cost: From $199 to $349 Return Policy: Guaranteed to get you an interview Pro Resume Writing Services offers a simple and straightforward plan that we appreciated. There are no confusing templates, disparate pricing structures, a la carte services to choose from or up sells for additional levels of service. The process is simple - send them your resume and a professional resume writer recreates it for you.

The main webpage at Pro Resume Writing Services is simple and effective. Boldly stated at the top are some facts showing why 98% of all resumes are discarded by prospective employers before they get a detailed read through.

Just after those facts Pro Resume Writing Services gives customers their 100% guarantee that they will get an interview using their services. The pricing structure is simple and competitive at Pro Resume Writing Services. At $199.00 for the basic service, the customer sends a current resume in via the website, and a personal resume writer will call them back and work with them until they get a finished product they are satisfied with. This company also offers a rush service (24 hours vs. 48 hours without the rush) for an additional $50.00 and a cover letter and thank you letter for an additional $100.00 fee.

But that's it; there are no pricing tiers for executives or people with longer or more involved resumes. This is a strength of Pro Resume Writing Services from a cost standpoint for those with a lot of business experience, because many other services up sell the customer if they have a lot of experience to capture. A phone number is prominently displayed to speak with a customer service representative at Pro Resume Writing Services, which is something unavailable on many other resume service sites. They also highlight on the front page that the entire business is made up of four writers, and that the customer will be assigned to one of them. This gave us the sense that since the business is small, that service will be more personalized than with most other resume website companies.

Simple, affordable and personalized, Pro Resume Writing Services is an excellent choice for those that already have their resume drafted but need help getting it to the next level. Cost: From $299 to $749 Return Policy: 30-day money back guarantee Blue Sky Resumes is a full service website for assistance with writing and maintaining a professional resume. Blue Sky provides the user with a lot more than just a professionally written and designed resume. Easily accessible on the main page there are options to purchase a self-help resume writing book, review hundreds of sample resumes at no charge, take a free online 'job search IQ' test, and access free resume help and tips.

The pricing for the main service starts at $299.00. However there is an additional a la carte style list of additional services one can add on to the basic resume creation for which the prices are listed. The list of additional services is extensive, and in some cases quite pricey ($749.00 for an 'online presence building' service), but should satisfy the needs of anyone looking for more than just a written resume.

The process for contacting and contracting with Blue Sky is clear and easy to follow. The pricing is billed as 'custom pricing' which makes it difficult to tell if this is a good value in comparison with other resume building services, and it appears there is an emphasis on tailoring each resume to each individual client. This is a good thing from an individuality standpoint, but possibly an indication of a higher price tag.

The website itself is clearly laid out and easy to follow. The main page is clean and the links to all the services are clear and easy to find.

The addition of links to popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In, gives the website a modern, in-touch feel. However, one of the negatives with Blue Sky website, it is that the layout may be a turn off for some. The cartoon bird mascot gives the website a sort of elementary school feel rather than the business professional style seen in many other resume building websites.

It may be more appealing to younger job seekers than to more seasoned business professionals. Overall, Blue Sky Resumes is a very extensive job assistance service. They offer more than just a simple resume writing, but the price tag may not meet the needs of some searching for a job in today's market. Cost: From $250 to $575 Return Policy: 100% money back guarantee Dream Resume is a New York based full service professional resume provider. Each customer is matched with an industry qualified writer to create a professional resume that any candidate can be proud of. Further, Dream Resume provides cover letter writing services, LinkedIn profile writing, resume distribution services and more.

The Dream Resume approach is a simple four step process. Here's how it works:. Place your order. Get paired with an industry knowledgeable writer. Receive your first draft in 3 business days.

Work 1 on 1 with your writer for revisions and updates. Review the finalized product in multiple electronic forms Dream Resume is different than many other resume companies in that their service model is hands on.

This company uses only writers with industry expertise. But, no matter your industry, Dream Resume can assist. The service you receive at Dream Resume is 1 on 1. You'll actually speak to a human on the phone and work with that individual throughout the process of creating and revising until you're satisfied.

This company does not use pre-set templates that allow your resume to blend in with the rest. The structure and layout will be determined during the creation process. Dream Resume says they have a 99% satisfaction rate but, if you're not happy, they offer a 100% money back guarantee. The pricing for a Dream Resume starts at $250.00 for their Value resume. This includes a professional resume, unlimited revisions, a Thank You letter, phone and email support with your designated writer and a final copy in DOC, PDF and ASCII formats.

The Success option includes the same services as the Value option along with a professionally written cover letter for $325.00. The Cadillac of packages is the Accelerator for $575.00 which includes everything in the other packages as well as resume distribution and a professionally written LinkedIn profile. Customers may view several sample resumes on the Dream Resume website before moving forward. The process to get started is as simple as choosing your preferred package, making the purchase and then awaiting contact from your designated writer. Since their writers are not outsourced you can anticipate working with someone during 9-5 EST working hours.

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Dream Resume providers a straightforward, professional writing experience. Customers can take comfort that they will be paired with someone knowledgeable in their line of business and that will create a unique yet effective resume that doesn't look like all the rest. The prices at Dream Resume are affordable for what is provided.

If you're in the market for a professional resume, Dream Resume is worth your consideration. Cost: From $199.95 to $299.95 Return Policy: Up to two separate rounds of rewrites Resume Writers offers a nice list of resume writing services. From basic resumes for new grads to a very in-depth resume for professionals and executives. Unfortunately our initial impression of Resume Writers was tainted by a very busy and confusing website. There is far too much text on the main page and the links aren't organized in any cohesive pattern.

'Select a service' drop down menu, testimonials, a list of steps in their process, and promises of guarantees are all scattered seemingly at random on the main page and it makes for an off-putting experience. However, the services provided by the website appear to be fairly complete and competitively priced. The process is not merely a data entry template that creates a resume from scratch. Each client of Resume Writers is assigned a personal writer who will work with them from the beginning to the end of the process. In fact, step 1 of the process is to submit your current resume for review. (This service assumes that prospective clients already have at least a basic resume as a starting point). After review of your draft version, a personal and profession writer will contact you to discuss.

Within 72 hours you will receive a first draft and can work with your personal contact to revise and tweak as you see fit. The cost of the basic service varies slightly depending on your experience and profession. A 'young professional' or grad student can get a resume written for $169.95, and that goes up to $199.95 for a 'normal' professional resume.

IT or executive resumes are $219.95 and $299.95 respectively. These prices seem to be very competitive in comparison with other resume sites. You can add $70 to the starting price to get a cover letter written for you as well, or $90 to the starting price for a cover letter, thank you letter and a few other bells and whistles. They also guarantee you will get at least one interview by using your new resume or they will rewrite for free. After our initial disappointment with the website, we found the services offered to be complete without going overboard, and that they had fair pricing compared to similar services. This is a decent resume writing company but you'll have to bring your patience to get through the unattractive website.

Cost: From $2.95 to $299 Return Policy: 14-day money-back guarantee Whether you're looking for professional resume writing services or just want a selection of templates to help you pull together your own resume, My Perfect Resume can help. If you're like most customers, you'll probably begin with their DIY-style features. To start drafting your resume, click on the green 'Build Your Resume' button in the middle of the page. You'll be asked to provide your email address and enter a password, but you don't have to confirm your email address in order to proceed. Next, you'll be shown a series of templates to choose from - about a dozen - to get the look and feel you prefer. You'll also be able to see in the descriptions which templates are recommended for various business needs or career paths. Then, choose your current experience level: Student, Entry Level, Experienced, Manager, or Executive.

This allows the site to match you with an appropriate resume format. In the dropdown box below, you'll choose your career field. You may not find your exact field in the main list, but once you choose the field that is the closest fit, you'll probably find a more specific, appropriate listing in the sub-field dropdown box.

Free Templates Resumes

For example, there was no job field listed for journalism or writing, but when we selected the 'Entertainment and Media' career field, we found both Writers and Journalism as sub-field options. On the following page, you'll be asked to select any situations that apply to you, such as:. 'I have limited work experience.' . 'I am an independent contractor or freelancer.' . 'I am transitioning from the military.'

. 'I'm concerned about my background check.' You'll then be taken to a page that mentions job-specific bullet points of pre-written text that you can add to your resume - but you don't actually add them until later in the process.

We found that to be somewhat confusing. Instead, on the following pages, you first enter your Heading information (name, address, contact details), then you'll see a page of tips for the section to follow. It would be more helpful for those tips to be on the same page as users are entering the information. One cool feature is that as you enter your job position, the list of pre-written text on the bottom right side of the page changes to fit. Be aware that some of them require you to customize the information to fit your particular experience; those are entered in brackets and written in blue, to make sure you remember to enter your details (e.g. Name of a department, specific numbers or percentages for your successes, etc.).

My Perfect Resume then offers to help you create a cover letter; this feature is optional and includes 12 different styles. You have two options for pricing. If you'd like unlimited printing and downloading for only 14 days, you'll pay $2.95.

This subscription does auto-renew at a price of $24.95, billed every four weeks unless you cancel. Or, if you'd like access to My Perfect Resume for an entire year, you'll pay $71.40.

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This also renews automatically on a yearly basis until you cancel. Both plans include a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. Both subscriptions also include access to a dashboard, where you can find a listing of jobs based on your zip code, interview prep exercises, and links to My Perfect Resume's Premium Professional Services. These premium features include Writing Services and My Resume Review. If you opt to have them write your resume for you, you'll spend anywhere between $99 and $299, depending on your level of experience in your field. These include a phone consultation of 10-20 minutes, and My Perfect Resume's professional writers will complete it within 3 days. If you've already drafted your resume - either using My Perfect Resume or on your own - you can get it reviewed with suggestions for improvement, for a cost of $19.95.

Customer experiences with My Perfect Resume vary. On the one hand, many people like the easy-to-use website and the low-price options for getting a basic, visually-appealing resume created in less than an hour. There were also many compliments describing helpful customer service representatives. On the other hand, we found numerous complaints regarding billing - especially for people who didn't read the fine print and realize that their 14-day subscription would auto-renew at a much higher price after the initial period.

There were also issues with getting subscriptions cancelled; some people were left on hold for a long time while waiting to speak with a representative. Using My Perfect Resume can definitely get you a professional-looking resume for your next job application, whether you use their tools and templates or opt to pay for the more personalized services. We strongly recommend that you pay attention to the subscription and renewal details, however, so that you aren't caught off-guard by charges you didn't expect. Cost: From $95.96 and up Return Policy: Money back guarantee Resume Writing Service offers a complete suite of services; basic resume creation, cover letter writing, job search assistance, interview preparation, reference verification and even online assistance with your LinkedIn profile. Resume Writing Service seems to be targeting the more experienced job searchers rather than younger clients looking for that first resume and isn't as transparent as we'd like to see.

The pricing structure is quite odd however. The 'services' page includes a basic resume written by one of their professional writers for $95.96. This is rock bottom compared to other resume building services that we have seen. However, just after that we noticed a 'resume edit' for $63.96, which means if you don't like the first resume they deliver, you would have to pay again to have them edit it for you. This was very off-putting to us and made it seem like a service that might end up bleeding you for money before you got a finished product you were satisfied with. What's worse is on the 'pricing' page those same two services are listed as $119.95 and $79.95 respectively. Not only is it careless and sloppy to post the same services with two different prices, suddenly a basic resume could run you $200 with one edit, which is no bargain at all compared to other similar services.

In addition, they have other pricing structures called 'all in one packs' and 'super bundles.' There are so many different options here that it's almost impossible to figure out what you would be paying in the end.

In addition, the 'contact us' page at Resume Writing Service offered no telephone number and just a template to complete for a return email or phone call. The process is similar to other resume services in that you send them your current resume and a writer works with you, but it didn't seem as personalized as some of the other services reviewed. You might be able to get what you need at Resume Writing Service, but it seems intentionally hard to tell how much you'll be paying or what level of service you'll be receiving. The price structure alone would be reason enough to avoid Resume Writing Service in favor of other providers ranked higher. Cost: $29.95 per month Return Policy: Managed on a case-by-case basis Resume Companion is a basic resume building service that focuses on templates which format information input by the user. The main page has the feel of a billboard advertisement, with a bright orange 'Need a Resume Fast?'

Banner across the top and a big green 'Create My Free Resume' button in the middle. Our initial impression with the site was that it was unprofessional and gimmicky. We tried building the free resume and it is a decent enough service, albeit a bit basic. You get to choose between 8 different resume styles and then the program takes you through data entry templates where you input your personal information, professional experience, education, skills and other information typically found on a resume.

Click the button and the information is formatted for you into a decent looking resume. The problem here is, anyone with basic word processing skills could just create the same resume offered at Resume Companion on their own. The one feature that was a little more helpful is a list of phrases common to various professions you could choose from. So for example if you are an accountant you can pick from 'prepare and examine accounting records' or 'report monthly financials to management.' It makes it a little easier to come up with descriptions of your job, but it also takes the creativity out of it a little, and cookie cutter phrases result in cookie cutter resumes. There is an upgrade for $4.95 that promises some additional services such as the ability to fax your resume directly from the website, and access to a cover letter and thank you letter builder. This cost is a 7 day trial however and it renews at $29.95 a monthhardly worth a few additional templates in our opinion.

If you want a quick, basic resume for free, Resume Builder may be for you. But, if you're looking for anything more substantial this site will likely not have what you are looking for. Cost: $14.95 per month Return Policy: 30-day money back guarantee Live Resume is a very simple resume building service that provides template style data entry which is then formatted by the website into a professional looking resume.

The main page promises to help you 'create a professional resume in minutes' and follows up with some comments about why it is important in modern times to have a professional resume. Other than that there is very little else offered on the Live Resume website. Some testimonials are listed at the bottom of the page and there is a link to contact Live Resume by e-mail. We didn't see any option to review the pricing of various levels of resume service like many of the other sites we reviewed.

Nor did we find any additional information or services such as resume building tips, job search assistance, job market analysis or any of the other helpful services we have seen on other resume building websites. Live Resume is a bare bones service to say the least. However for those looking for a very basic resume building service, Live Resume may be an acceptable option. Since the website does not offer a pricing structure up front, we had to go ahead and build a free resume using the Live Resume website in order to determine the cost. The customer chooses between several different resume styles and then the program takes them through a series of questions regarding their professional experience, education, work skills and other information normally found on a resume. When the series of questions is complete the customer clicks to see the new resume and finally the cost of this service is revealed. You can purchase 5 days access to your newly constructed resume for $1, and then the monthly fee after that is $14.95.

This is lower than all of the other resume building services we have reviewed, however we unless the customer pays the $1, they don't even get to see the resume. The resumes created by the Live Resume service are decent enough. The look of the resume we created was similar to many others we have seen, there was nothing particularly notable.

As with other similar services, however, the problem is that anyone with basic word processing skills could organize their resume data into a similar format by themselves for free. In theory, for $1 a customer could use this service to format a basic resume, and for $14.95 a month they could maintain access to this resume on the Live Resume website, editing it as necessary. For anyone who needs this kind of very basic service Live Resume may be a consideration, but customers looking for anything more should look elsewhere.

Cost: From $49.95 to $89.95 Return Policy: 30-day money back guarantee Amazing Resume Creator guarantees that 'in just 10 minutes flat, you can quickly and easily crank out an amazing resume that is guaranteed to have your telephone ringing off the hook with hot job interviews and top job offers.without writing one word.' Sweeney, a professional copywriter and direct response marketer is the mastermind behind Amazing Resume Creator. Amazing Resume Creator claims to have already helped almost 20,000 job seekers in 25 countries obtain job offers from around the world.

An animation on the homepage will get your attention, but the lengthy wording will distract and deter you. With no navigation tabs to help you locate important information, the website leaves a lot to be desired. All of the information resides on the homepage. Viewers have to scroll down lengthy paragraphs to obtain the necessary information. If you're still inclined to read about Amazing Resume Creator, you'll find a variety of opinions on resumes. Included on the website are tips such as, 'a simple, well-written resume seasoned with a few special ingredients can flood your calendar with top job interview requests, easier and faster than you can ever imagine.' Obviously Jimmy P.

Sweeney has put his professional copywriting talents to good use. With too much information and an unorganized website, Amazing Resume Creator is a poor choice in online resume builders. The words are lengthy and not helpful in getting customers what they want.a resume with little effort on their part. Although the program comes with three enticing bonuses such as 'Top 3 Award Winning Cover Letter Templates, Amazing Job Interview Success!

And The Big 3 Salary Negotiation Secrets' this product proves to be unprofessional and confusing. And that's the purpose of the resume - to get to the interview.

It needs to communicate where you are, where you've been, and where you're headed. Your resume needs to shout - professionally - 'I'm the best person for your team'. Sadly, many people underestimate the importance of a resume in their job search. They don't know what skillsets of theirs to sell; and if they do, many don't know how to communicate this effectively. This means that many people never get the job they want or deserve.

Fortunately, there are a few very good resume building services available to help people craft an elegant and inspiring resume. When evaluating these services, you need to consider a variety of factors. Some of these include:. Effectiveness. Does the service deliver a professionally crafted resume that will interest your prospective employers?

How expensive is the resume building service, relative to what you can expect to receive? Does the resume service offer additional information or help that can answer your specific questions? TopConsumerReviews.com has reviewed and ranked the best resume builders available today. We hope this information helps you land your next dream job!

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