StuffIt Deluxe 16.0 Features.

Easily compress and send your files with StuffIt Deluxe® Mac. StuffIt Deluxe's advanced compression technology shrinks your photos, music and other documents without reducing quality. Securely upload, access and share your files from anywhere, including Dropbox®, Google Drive®, Microsoft One Drive® and SendStuffNow. StuffIt is your one stop file transfer solution offering support for FTP, email, cloud storage integration and more. Includes StuffIt Destinations®, StuffIt Archive Manager®, StuffIt Magic Menu® and Stuffit Expander®.

StuffIt makes your files as mobile as you are! StuffIt Destinations - File Packaging & Delivery Made Dead Simple! StuffIt Destinations™ takes the work out of sending files. We rarely just want to compress files; we almost always want them to go somewhere, or to someone. StuffIt Destinations lets you drag and drop files onto any destination tile, where it packages the files and delivers them to a pre-set destination.


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Easily add custom tiles to your StuffIt Destinations toolbar. Keep the StuffIt Destinations tool bar floating in a corner on your desktop and you'll have instant access to compress and send your files any way and anywhere you want them to go. Whether you're sending a sensitive file to someone or you want to protect files on your hard drive from prying eyes, creating an encrypted archive is the right solution.


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StuffIt Deluxe Mac 16 offers best-in-class protection and encrypts the entire archive to provide an extra layer of protection. Create Personal Destination Tiles - StuffIt, Zip or Tar Compression Add as many custom tiles as you want to the StuffIt Destinations toolbar. Just click on the 'plus' button on the right and choose a destination type, an archive type, with or without encryption, and if you want to be notified when the action is complete you can also choose a notification option.