Thanks for the feedback guys, Looks like I may try a few others before replacing my trusty old driver (shafts too 'twisty' and the heads got an 'I'm coming loose') type click if you twist it. Or am I just looking for an excuse?!?!? The NikeSQ, fitted with an Aldila 65g reg. Shaft looks fave at the mo, or a Cobra Speed Driver.perhaps I should get one of each ah?!?!?Looking at Mister3's 'kit list' on the shopaholics thread I've got a ways to go yet. Had me in stitches!Cheers again. Martin - save yourself a lot of trouble and go to a demo day and get fitted.

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Failing that beg, borrow and steal.Or do what i did, but lots of club off ebay second hand at bargain prices and punt them on:)But the caveat is:- I went through all those drivers because they were regular shafts, and at fitting straight away i was told it was stiff i needed and now that i have my stiff R7 460 i'm happy. I know there is more performance to be eeked out, but there are no 20yard gains to be had. So i'll stick with it until the rest of my bag is sorted.

And then i can start on my backup/leave in Spain bag LMAO!!!:)And i'm glad i brought a smile to your face:)Best of luck with your new driver purchase. I am now 70,used to be a +1 handicapper,but now play off 6. For about a year I have been using(very happily until recently)a Nike Ignite 460with a stiff Fujikura shaft which I hit long and straight.In the last two months I have lost distance and direction and cant draw the ball as I used to.Last Wednesday I played for my Club Seniors Team. My opponent had a K1 Speedster 10degree with a Regular shaft. It was a most friendly game and he agreed that I could use HIS driver for the last three holes after I had hit my proper drive. Anyway, EVERY drive with the K1 was dead straight or slightly drawn and a good 20-25 yards further-and the shots off the K1 felt MUCH better!I believe that it has an excellent shaft for an older player and I have now bought one. Like Chris Hamblin I have tried several drivers before plumping for the K1 Speedster.

Of the 7 I tried-all top of the range Callaway, Mizuno, Yonex, Titleist(HATED it), Ping G5, Srixon, the Regular shafted ones were too soft and the ball climbed too much and the stiff seemed really stiff.The Slazenger K1 was PERFECT, like a firm regular and there was plenty of feel off the face with excellent carry PLUS good run. I am usually very wary of products on the Golf Channel and Slazenger over the past decade have mainly been known for 'budget' clubs but I feel that they have a winner here in a different league altogether to the apalling Plus 10 Driver!!

One of them was using the K1, and he had found a great improvement in his driving more length and accuracy. You may have to before you slazenger k1 speed driver post: click the register link above to proceed. Sam Torrance are you out there? You then pay postage to send it back. On Monday at the range the head cracked exactly as previously described. To download SLAZENGER K1 SPEED DRIVER, click on the Download button There does not seem to be any recourse. Also, if you are in the UK many places slazenger k1 speed driver discounting the X460 - which I thought was an excellent driver.

Not even hit the 100 times and it slazenger k1 speed driver has a massive split the drivwr top of the face. Ti is remarkably stiff as a shelled face which is why they use it for gas turbine compressor blades but isn't likely to fracture as long as the grain is in tension. Rebel Sports didn't want to know about it. In the bag Driver Ping Rapture 12 deg 3 wood Ping G25 5 wood Ping G25 GW-5i AP2s 710 Hybrids RBZ -25 Putter Rife two bar hybrid Club Problem is when I started I had a bad hook, now most things go straight. You then pay postage to send it back. However, I was playing at last Sunday and caught up with the two-ball in front who I played the last 6 holes with.

Slazenger K1 Speed Drivers For Mac

Looked at the head and low and speex it was still there with a crack the full lenth slazenger k1 speed driver the head. Break it down and its plain to see you actually get a?99 driver,?55 rescue club and s;eed of balls. I have seen the endless hours of dripple advertising this club every slazenger k1 speed driver on Sentata. Maybe I'm not man enough but i wouldnt use it if it were the hitting club in the oh alright i would if it was:P Bet it slazengfr though I'll stick to my LD 3 wood off the Tee. Anyway I hit 4 balls and everyone went straight and further than my best shot with my nike.

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I picked the name Steve Jones as it is my name, slazenger k1 speed driver common one at and I work in media. He teed the ball up and absolutely smashed for miles with a slight hint of a draw. Problem is when I started I had a bad hook, now most things go straightI want to change it back to a neutral swing but have lost the instructions that tell you what weights go where. NOT HAPPY ONLY HAD IT A YEAR JJB WONT CHANGE IT WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER,BUT IT DID IMPROVE MY GAME IT KNOCKED 5 SHOTS OF MY GAME If you slazenger k1 speed driver commenting on behalf of the company that has been reviewed, please consider for higher impact replies. Can any offer any advice as to get a 'free' replacement. On Monday at the range the head cracked slzzenger as previously described. I PAID AN EXTRA?30.

Slazenger K1 Speed Drivers For Macbook Pro

It really improved my golf. I saw a Alazenger ad in some rag where he claimed some shoes were knocking several shots off his game. You can find it using a microscope.

Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will ddriver included on the page once approved. Many respondents say that they work well until the splits. Luckily you do get a money-back guarantee with the Golf Channel, but be aware I've read of some complaints about build-quality.