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  1. Step-by-step Chrome Installation For Macbook Pro

Step-by-step Chrome Installation For Macbook Pro

StepStep-by-step Chrome Installation For Mac

Installing Chromedriver on MAC In this post i would show you how to install chromedriver on mac machine and finally we will see one script that will launch chrome browser on mac machine using Selenium Webdriver. So lets see the proper step by step way to perform installation of chromedriver on mac Steps: 1- Open this link to download chromedriver 2-Download latest version of chromedriver for mac. 3- Unzip the file. 4- Copy the chromedriver and Open the Finder and click on Go it will open a dropdown menu.

Click on Go to Folder. 5- On Go To Folder windows pop up enter following path “/usr/local/bin” 6- Paste chromedriver 7- Restart the machine and Open Eclipse and create one Java Class with name “ChromeDriverExample” and paste following code. 8- Now Code is ready and run above code as Java Application 9- IF chrome get launched and it opens “then start writing more code for chrome browser and now it will work for all codes. So above we have learned how to launch chrome browser using selenium on mac machine, and assuming you would be familiar to launch chrome on windows machine, but if you really find solution to launch chrome on windows then read Note: if still code does not works then go to folder “/usr/local/bin” where chromedriver has been kept and double click on chromedriver and again restart your machine and run the above code and its pinnacle solution that this will start working. Thanks and keep reading more articles. Read Similar Posts.