TEACHER'S REPORT WRITER – free, online, PC, Mac, iPAD About Advertisement: ✓ School Report Writer.COM Thank you teachers 7th Year Pages viewed: 4,639,172 Source: Google Analytics as at November 1st 2018 ' This has got to be the most teacher friendly app/program out there. I have been looking for a quick and easy way to write report card comments for years and have finally found it. Teacher's review, Google web store. Why was this FREE teacher's report writer created?

The developer originally created it to help a friend who was spending weekends writing reports. It quickly caught on with colleagues and they suggested enhancements. This popular FREE online app makes easy school reports a reality for teachers around the world. In the past year we've helped teachers in 170 countries (source: Google Analytics). What features does this app offer teachers?

This app minimises typing, prevents embarrassing mistakes and works in any browser on a PC, iPAD or Mac. It includes functionality from older systems such as, like automatically replacing student names, his/her, she/he etc, plus new features such as a 1-click thesaurus, spellcheck, name/pronoun toggle, Ooops! Detective and a powerful drop-down lists feature.

Why is it free? — Will it always be free? Teachers often ask, 'How come such a useful app is free?' – the answer is, we are now trying advertising (as you can see) and are also considering a small annual subscription. However, if this starts, existing users will not have to pay for the basic report writer and you will always have access to any comments you've added.

Our advice is. Advertisement: Why must I register to use it? This is so that you can save your school report card comments in your personal online comment bank for future visits. You just need an email address and password. We will never give your details to anyone else and if you'd like them removed just let us know. Feedback & support We're always happy to help.

We usually reply the same day. Thank you for sharing Advertisement.

A software application that allows Teachers to write students reports with ease. Simply the most time saving tool a teacher can have!!! Report Writer can be used for a single teacher to write student reports. Report Writer can also be networked across the whole of an educational establishment allowing all teachers to write reports and keep them stored in the one place. Features of Report Writer include:. Quick and hassle free setup. Easy to use and customisable interface.

Works on Mac and Windows systems. Easily import data from existing databases. Quickly add and delete students. Easily search and display reports. View students as a list for quickly filling in reports. Quickly and easily sort students and reports. Set up your own comment banks for quick data entry.

Comment banks for each subject. 'Personal' comments that include the students name without you having to enter it!.


Include as many subjects as you want. 'Flood fill' buttons allowing you to complete numerous reports in minutes, not hours!. Easily print out information on screen. Spell checker that checks reports for errors before you print them. See who you are writing a report for by viewing a student photo alongside his/her report. Use as a standalone application. Uses your existing network (if network version).

Book Writing Software For Mac

Teacher Report Writing Software For Mac

Teacher Report Writing Software For Mac

Can be used on wireless networks.