Most people did not think one second on which browser to use at the start of the 21st century because let’s face it, there were no standout internet browsers besides IE. But over the past decade, many companies have either produced brilliant open-source projects which are either Firefox or Chromium based while some had been closed source. Amid all these so-called secure and fast browsers, there have only been few standouts. We are going to unravel which browsers are the one that offers optimum speed, power, security and user interface to make it worthy of getting into our top latest list. Serial No Top 5 Internet Browsers for Mac and Windows 5 4 3 2 1 Lightest, Stable and User-Friendly Internet Browsers: 5.

Internet Explorer Whenever I think of Internet Explorer I immediately get the images of a loading bar on the lower right corner of the screen and waiting forever for it to fill up to open a file on a dingy modem internet with 56kbps speeds. Internet Explorer has since then raised its game a lot and has gotten sleeker and sexier but a lot of base problems still remain. Internet explorer comes in with the main Windows for PC users and due to the low capacity for customization and a person’s inherent need for other apps than the stock, it gets ignored in the fray.

Top 5 Web Browsers For Mac

The speedy browsing, brilliant Windows complimenting the design and great compatibilities with many add-ons like Internet Download Manager, Internet Explorer is a popular choice for many. But the inability of syncing tabs successfully has made quite a many people leave it for other options like Chromium and Firefox based browsers.

Apple Safari Apple Safari was my first romantic browser getaway after I graduated from IE high school and I have a special place for it in my heart. Now if you own let’s say an Apple device then there is no better choice than to run with Safari because believe me the compatibility is just over the top, for instance, iCloud. Especially the add-ons and extension have a whole new meaning when you are using Safari on Mac. But unfortunately, it is a hard fact that no matter how innovative Mac is, there are more Windows users worldwide simply because PCs come in cheap in countries other the likes of US and UK and Windows does not particularly go well with Safari. The speed is great and all but if you are a Windows user then you will certainly not be able to get a full on use of the great features there are, it is like having a smartphone and having no 3G or Wi-Fi. But I have to say the Apple has done a brilliant job on the security front which can be mainly attributed to Safari not being open source. Google Chrome Perhaps the most used internet browser alongside Firefox and Safari.


There is a good reason in that because when you are manufactured by arguably the most successful company on earth, Google, then it goes without saying that you would have the power of breaking into the top 5. Google Chrome is very easy on the eye and some might even say that the interface is probably the coolest among all. Especially with all the chrome app add-ons that are available to be incorporated into the design.

The great thing about Google Chrome is that if you love it, it is available for all of your smart and not so smart devices. Android users usually prefer using the Chrome browser and even some iPhone users go incognito in the Chrome, go figure how I know. Chrome web store offers loads of extensions and apps whatever you like, be it football, dancing, prancing around like you know how to dance, you can express your sell with the thousands of extensions and different themes available. The only thing that stops Chrome going even further up our top 5 latest list is the security vulnerability it has shown throughout the years. Now don’t get all worried if you are on a Google Chrome browser right now, though you should be worried if you are a government agent or a hacker that someone may be out to get you. These vulnerabilities are exploited by expert coders so unless you know one, don’t all worked up, though version 23 of Google Chrome did come with a lot of fixes that were in the high severity range.

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Mozilla Firefox Literally, the fastest browser that provides better access to any website and it blows every other internet browser out of the water according to raw speed and performance calculated by Tom’s Hardware benchmark. Firefox not only has kept in shape efficiently but it has also made sure to provide the user with much customization option and it will feel like Mozilla Firefox is your own creation center. There are tons of extensions and add-ons to work with. Now many of you might think that why Mozilla is not at the number 1 spot and there are reasons because of that. The Mozilla Firefox’s add-ons and extensions pale in comparison to what chromium based browsers are capable of.

Although it has been voted to be the most privacy conscious browser on earth in past years; the use of DNS services from your IPS that still makes it a little behind one particular browser. Comodo Dragon My favorite browser in the whole wide world and have been my default browser for 5 years, which I assure you has no bearing on why I have given it the number 1 spot in our top internet browsers list. There is a big reason in that, if you are a Chrome lover then I would personally urge you to move onto this one because not only does it provide every Chrome feature, it is lighter on the computer resources and is more secure than the vaunted Google Chrome. Now the reason why Mozilla couldn’t make it to the top is that Comodo Dragon features its own secure DNS service where you don’t have to go through your ISP’s domain server which in many cases can be fatal to your computer’s health. Comodo Dragon is a very sleek and efficient browser with less to the flashy stuff and more to the practical usage of a browser. If you prefer a Firefox browser instead of Chromium then I suggest you try Comodo IceDragon which provides the same level of security as the Comodo Dragon. Comodo Dragon is a top and underrated browser that has not been able to hog clients like many “Big corporation” hogs with its marketing strategies and it simply earns its reputation with client usage.

Top 5 Internet Browsers For Mac

If you feel that we have missed out on a browser then please tell us but as we could only do a top 5, many good browsers were left out like Opera.