TurningPoint Cloud is a student response system that allows faculty to ask questions and see students’ responses in real time. It can be used with or without Blackboard gradebook integration. TurningPoint Cloud offers instructors a choice between traditional clicker devices or web-accessible ResponseWare for classroom polling. All desktop installations of the cloud software include a PowerPoint add-in tool for simplified poll creation and deployment. Poll directly from PowerPoint or use PollAnywhere for standalone polling or alongside other desktop applications. Secure integration with Blackboard allows seamless roster and grade synchronization with any class.

Turning Point Cloud App

Key Features. 8 question formats including demographic assignments and priority ranking.


Turning Point Polling Software


Competition mode. Programmable PresenterCard buttons for remote control of presentations and polls. PowerPoint, Anywhere, and Self-Paced (homework) polling available. Blackboard integration.

Detailed reports and comparison charts by individual or group. Cost Free for instructors. Student licensing costs as of 08/2014 (subject to change): License Type 1 Year 2 Years 4 Years ResponseWare License $20.99 $31.50 $37 ResponseCard (RF-LCD) with ResponseWare Bundle $34 $54.99 Getting Started All Users need a Turning Account and license for use with TurningPoint Cloud.

Please note that earlier versions of TurningPoint and Turning Point 5 ResponseWare accounts are no longer supported by either Turning Technologies or Northeastern University. Instructors Instructors must decide whether they will accept student responses with Clickers, ResponseWare, or both. This information should be communicated to students so that they can purchase the necessary equipment.

Turningpoint Cloud Anywere Polling For Mac

TurningPoint Cloud software and an internet connection are required for polling and integration of any kind. New Instructors. Create an instructor account and download the software. See the tutorial named “Downloading Software/Creating a Turning Account”.

Turningpoint Cloud Anywhere Polling For Mac

If you want to allow hardware clickers in the classroom, you’ll need to use a radio frequency receiver. Request a free instructor kit using the. Kits include USB Receiver, Test ResponseCard, and Instructor PresenterCard for remote presentation control. Refer to our for help setting up your receiver and PresenterCard. Existing Instructors How to Download TurningPoint Cloud. Refer to the. Old instructor kits can be used with the new TurningPoint software.

Instructor Tutorials Create your Presentation View the tutorial “PowerPoint Polling: Before the Presentation”. Sony ps3 eye camera driver for mac. Pulling Down a Participant List using Blackboard Integration Running a PowerPoint Polling Session in TurningPoint Cloud Uploading Session Data to the Blackboard Gradebook Access from the Classroom For TurningPoint Cloud to be installed on a classroom computer, submit a request through or call x4357. In the request include the building your are teaching in and the classroom number. Once TurningPoint Cloud is install, log into Windows with your NUNET account and locate the desktop shortcut. Access from the Office or Home Software is available from the page. Login with your Turning.

Instructor Account for download access. Students Note: If you are a student and your instructor says there’s a problem with your account, Clickers may or may not be required for your course. Please check with instructors before purchasing any hardware. The following quickstart guides will help you purchase and register your clicker or ResponseWare license:. New Students.

Follow the instructions in the to create your Turning Account from the Blackboard Turning Registration Tool. Purchase a student license (with or without a clicker). Only one license is required per student, and students may use multiple response devices under the same license. Different classes will have different requirements so check with all instructors before making a purchase.

Existing Students. Refer to the. Note that if your license was purchased before 8/2014, you will need to buy a new license. ResponseWare Users.

Students using ResponseWare will need an internet connection, a working browser (for laptop or desktop) or the iOS or Android app. Browser users should access polls at rwpoll.com with the Session ID provided by your instructor. Clicker Users:. No additional software or hardware is required for clicker use. Program your clickers to the receiver ID provided by your instructor by clicking the Channel button, ID, and Channel button again.

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