Bowdoin supports a variety of software for students, faculty and staff. For self-service downloads of Home and Student Use licenses. This software is provided free of charge to current faculty, staff and students as allowed by our licensing agreements. We have more than 500 software titles in use across campus.

The following is a list of the most commonly used software programs at Bowdoin. You can also see a listing of all software provided in our and labs. Nearly all Mac labs are dual-boot which means that they run software found on both pages! General Software Software title Type of license Faculty & Staff Home Use? Student Personal Computer Use? Adobe Acrobat Writer Site no Acrobat DC Professional is now available to all faculty and staff for campus and home use.

Adobe Creative Suite Site no The complete Adobe CS Suite is now available to all faculty and staff for campus and home use. Apple Mac Operating System Site Yes Yes Free upgrade from Apple Endnote Site Also available from Managed Software Center Hypersnap Site No No The new Snipping tool in Windows 10 may take the place of most of Hypersnap's features Microsoft Office Site Also available: Office 365 to all current faculty, staff and students Microsoft Windows Operating System Site. Windows 10 is available for a limited time as a free upgrade from Microsoft. Microsoft Windows Defender Anti-virus Site Windows Defender Anti-virus is for Windows operating systems System Center Endpoint Protection Site System Center Endpoint Protection is for MacOS / OS X Academic Software Software title Type of license Faculty & Staff Home Use? Student Personal Computer Use? Site eViews concurrent use no no Finale concurrent use no no Matlab concurrent use no no Mathematica Site MathType departmental yes yes Minitab concurrent use no no Site SPSS Site no no Stata Concurrent use no no.We do not offer the Windows operating system to be used for Apple Bootcamp installations as our licensing does not allow it.

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ITS can help you with. Initial Set-up. Operating System Updates. Managed Software Updates. The RIT Software Application Catalog.

The RIT Virtual Private Network (VPN). Computer Security & Virus Protection. Windows & Mac Systems. 1-1 Consulting & Purchasing Recommendations. Troubleshooting. Upgrades Repairs & Servicing All repairs, servicing, or issues with ITS Managed Computers should be.

Once ITS has received your support ticket, you may be asked for additional information, or be updated with instructions on how to fix the problem. If your computer needs to be picked up for repair, or needs an in-office visit, ITS will be in contact to schedule those services.

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FAQs How do I know if my computer is ITS Managed? Generally speaking, if your computer is owned by RIT, you are an RIT Faculty or Staff member, and your department is not serviced by a separate academic IT group, your computer is considered to be 'ITS Managed'. How do I install or update software by myself? Windows: macOS: The RIT Application Catalog and Managed Software Center (MSC) are used for installing ITS licensed and approved software here at RIT. How do I add a printer by myself?

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Using Managed Software Center For Mac

Using Managed Software Center For Mac Download

Windows: macOS: All printers that are institute owned and purchased by ITS-supported departments are considered to be a 'Managed Printer.' How does ITS keep my operating system up to date? Windows: macOS: Managed Software Update (MSU) is used for deploying updates for macOS that are released from Apple.