Valdearg wrote:I've had the same issue with a script I have set to run, it's supposed to run on an hourly basis but just does not run. I can run the script both manually from SSH and also using the run option in Task Scheduler. I managed to fix mine in the end. What is your script. I will try and help What kind of thing did you have to change in the end?

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I had to put the full path of the filebot script in and run it as root rather than admin. Also when you run it, click on Action and then View Result (handy new feature in 6.0 Beta).

More often than not the error is shown here. Code: #!/bin/sh synodsmnotify @administrators Backup 'Test' synologset1 sys info 0x11800000 'Test' echo Test Script date The first command creates a custom desktop notification. The second one creates a log entry. I saved the script to a file, I made it executable by giving the proper permissions. Then I created a task and pointed to the script someoutputfile.txt Please note that I used full paths for both the script name and output file.

Beta Of Ido Script Scheduler For Mac

I also did't forget to set at the task settings the root user. Findings: When I run the script manually through the task scheduler screen all commands run successfully. I receive the desktop notification and I observe the log entry. At the output file I see the 'Test Script' followed by the date.

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The full script has executed successfully. When I let the task fire in a scheduled date/time I observe a very strange thing. The first two commands (Notification & Log entry) do not execute. However I do find in the output file the 'Test Script' followed by the date. The script file has partially executed as the first two commands did not have any effect.