For some unknown reason doing a Web Search using “All Collections” is not successful when searching for info in Foreign Countries. This video shows how to search for FindaGrave records but it should work with other records as well. The key is to change “All Collections” to “Name-of-Foreign-Country”. In this case I was searching for a FindaGrave record from Canada. The important thing to remember is to change the setting back to “All Collections” otherwise you will be frustrated when regular searches don’t work. It’s very easy to forget. I love receiving Suggested Edits via! It would be easy to just click and accept the suggestions, but there are two things I do before accepting them:.


I check those suggestions out thoroughly. I don’t want to add incorrect info to FindaGrave, or to my FTM tree.

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If the suggestions check out, I make sure to add those little nuggets of info into FTM and source them with the FindaGrave Source Citation. If nothing else, they serve to make me focus on the particular record and possibly do a little work there. If the suggestion differs from mine, I try to open a dialog with the person instead of just declining it and sometimes that means more info! I subscribe to a great blog by called Genea-Musings. He just happens to be a cousin-by-marriage which is kinda cool too. He posts when Ancestry updates their databases so that we can check them if needed.

This is a great service! Be sure to check out his blog for a list of all the updated databases. Since I work a lot with FindaGrave I watch for that database to be updated so that I can update mine too. Here’s the skinny. New FindaGrave records do not show up on Ancestry until they update the database. That means that when I add a new memorial they aren’t automatically added to Ancestry and I won’t be able to see them on Ancestry, or use Web Merge until they update the database.

That’s one of the main reasons you can search for a FindaGrave Memorial and not be able to find it. When I add a new FindaGrave Memorial I add the following to my Findagrave Memorial # fact field in FTM after the actual FindaGrave number like this: 1234567 (manage 26 Feb 2017) This tells me that I manage that particular memorial and the date that I added it. Be sure to use the current date of course. Now, when Ancestry updates their FindaGrave database, I use Filter to search for the year in the Findagrave Memorial fact field and wha la! – a list of the memorials that I need to do a Web Merge for. Have you ever been given genealogy info on the spouse of someone in your family tree and it contains something like, “Daughter of Ken Casey and Vivian Riker”? Is this info something you should save in your tree?

Where should you save it? Yes, I have seen this MANY times. I often see this on FindaGrave memorials as well and I wonder why more people don’t search for and add the links to the parents instead of just adding it to the bio text. I have made it a practice to do so and I hope it is helpful for others. I think that yes, you should save info on parents of spouses. It substantiates the spouse of a relative and may provide valuable clues to help figure out relationships and whereabouts for people that you are actually related to.

Where do I draw the line you ask? Well, I do record multiple spouses, but I may not record children of those marriages. Sometimes I do, if I feel that the info could be useful down the line. You never know when a cousin-by-marriage will have info on the family, or even those golden nuggets – pictures! While I do save the parents of spouses, I draw the line there. I’m not going to chase back lines that aren’t related to our family at all. When I first started I added everything to my tree and when I posted online I got more cousin inquiries from non-related lines than related! That took up a lot of time so I made the decision then that I had to limit it somewhere.

Where should you save it? I created a Custom Field in FTM called “Spousal Parentage”. First I add the names and sub any missing info with five underscores: Joe SMITH & Jane Next I attempt to find them in FindaGrave and add the FaG numbers after each like this: SMITH (12345) & Jane DOE (67890) I have found several useful ways to search FaG to find the parents:.

Search the same cemetery for the surname. For men you can search using the handy links that FaG provides below the memorial info. You can also try searching the county and possibly even the state but that may return more hits than you would like.

For women you will need to click on the name of the cemetery and then search it using the surname desired. If that doesn’t show anyone then I do a new FaG search and enter the father’s first name, surname and then:. Year Born=the person’s birth date – 10 years (i.e., if they were born in 1811 I would enter 1801. This is a save number because the parents didn’t have children before they were 10 years old. Next change Exact to Before (very important). If that doesn’t have any results try entering the state the person was born in as the parents may still live there, then try the state they died in. When you get hits look to see if there is a link to the spouse, if so then, more than likely, you have the correct parents.

Tom kemp centrify for mac. If not, then search the cemetery because they might just not be linked up. This is a progressive and logical way to search for the parents. I have had much success with it and I hope it helps you too. I am finding it well worthwhile to revisit my FindaGrave sources.

Over time people have added all kinds of info including pictures, plots, spouses, children, etc. I am also looking for Parents of Spouses to add to my Parents of Spouses Fact.

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With over 12,000 FindaGrave sources I’ll be pecking away at it for awhile. Here is a hint: Write down the name of the person you stop on so that you can do other things and come right back and continue your work. This is well worth doing every 10 years or so.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to ‘subscribe’ to memorials so that when people add or change info you receive notification? I think I will suggest that.

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Intro to Family Tree Maker 2017 This class is designed for the person who is considering purchasing or upgrading to the new Family Tree Maker 2017, or who has been using an earlier version of FTM to organize their family history information but would also like to learn about the new FTM 2017. While the emphasis in class will be on FTM 2017, it is open to those using any version of FTM back to FTM 2005. Topics to be covered include entering data, correcting data-entry mistakes, sourcing your data, adding pictures to Media, basic printing, syncing your Tree with Ancestry, and backing up the file. Students MUST bring their fully charged laptop with Family Tree Maker already loaded (Windows or Mac).