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The 'tools' provided include concepts to learn, steps to adapt and follow, and templates to use. You get a ready-to-use methodology in each course. Fast Track Manage Learning courses are easy to use, engaging and actionable. Each course is affordably priced, and when you register, you'll get lifetime access to all course components (lessons, videos, templates, quizzes, templates and more). And your one-time registration also gives you access to all future updates.

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FastTrack Schedule is a specially used for planning, tracking and reporting projects goals. The biggest competitor for FastTrack Schedule in terms of business is the PC-only Microsoft Project. With FastTrack schedule, user can easily organize tasks into project plan assign resource to tasks and even view project detail in Gantt Charts, monthly calendars, and resource histograms.

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However, all your Gantt charts are taken to an entirely new level where they can be used as productivity tools rather than using it as mere bars. Each and every bar can be used to display subbars for revised, scheduled and actual time. There can be a separate pattern, color fill, starting and ending points, and borders for each and every subbar. All the views that are provided to you can be easily customized that depends on the type that suits your need and the created layout can be easily saved so that it can be reused.

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It also provide support to exchange data with spreadsheets, databases, organizers such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple’s iCal, Mindjet Mind Manager mind mapping software, and other project management software including Microsoft Project. There can be grouping as well as sub-grouping of all the tasks that can deep up to several levels, then expanded and collapsed as per the necessity. There are many features provided in FastTrack Schedule that are of great use to all its users. Only a single master schedule can be created for the various project files that allow the carving of several complex and complicated projects with the intention of obtaining a bigger view. Automatic archiving is also a feature provided in the FastTrack that certainly save a part of project file at the intervals selected by the user.