Windows device driver information for OXCB950 Cardbus UART The OXCB950 Cardbus UART hardware is essentially a high performance device that has an. Oxcb950 cardbus uart driver for mac. The software driver that supports the OXCB950 Cardbus UART allows the devices connected to the RS232 data cable to talk with the computer system.

This authentication type is actually kind of SSO. Gerrit will configure Jetty’s SSL channel to request the client’s SSL certificate. For this authentication to work a Gerrit administrator has to import the root certificate of the trust chain used to issue the client’s certificate into the /etc/keystore.

Optional Setting The Maximum Number Of Access Users For Mac

After the authentication is done Gerrit will obtain basic user registration (name and email) from LDAP, and some group memberships. Hence the LDAP suffix in the name of this authentication type. Gerrit does NOT authenticate the user via LDAP.

Optional Setting The Maximum Number Of Access Users For Mac

This authentication type can only be used under hosted daemon mode, and the httpd.listenUrl must use as the protocol. Optionally, certificate revocation list file can be used at /etc/crl.pem. For details, see httpd.sslCrl.


Whether to allow automatic synchronization of an account’s inactive flag upon login. If set to true, upon login, if the authentication back-end reports the account as active, the account’s inactive flag in the internal Gerrit database will be updated to be active. If the authentication back-end reports the account as inactive, the account’s flag will be updated to be inactive and the login attempt will be blocked. Users enabling this feature should ensure that their authentication back-end is supported. Currently, only strict 'LDAP' authentication is supported.

If set, it must be ensured that the local usernames for all existing accounts are converted to lower case, otherwise a user that has a local username that contains upper case characters will not be able to login anymore. The local usernames for the existing accounts can be converted to lower case by running the server program. Please be aware that the conversion of the local usernames to lower case can’t be undone. For newly created accounts the local username will be directly stored in lower case. The next available account sequence number is stored as UTF-8 text in a blob pointed to by the refs/sequences/accounts ref in the All-Users repository.


Multiple processes share the same sequence by incrementing the counter using normal git ref updates. To amortize the cost of these ref updates, processes increment the counter by a larger number and hand out numbers from that range in memory until they run out. This configuration parameter controls the size of the account ID batch that each process retrieves at once.