Myanmar (burma project sms gilroy on flowvella review. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google+ 0 Viber WhatsApp Alcohol Usage Should Be Controlled Since the inception of fermented beverages, arguments persist of their benefits and disadvantages. It is accurate to argue that alcohol is both stimulating and poisonous. The Center for Diseases Control and Prevention documents that consuming alcohol results in short-lived and long-lived health risks such as high blood pressure, liver diseases, cancers, accidents, violence and risky sexual behavior.

The difference in one suffering from the above risks and enjoying its benefits relies on the alcohol dose consumed. Alcohol use control between one to three drinks is beneficial to alcohol lovers as it boosts memory, lengthens life, prevents the development of various ailments and helps to control addiction. Alcohol in moderation can boost memory. Various studies indicate that alcoholic drinks such as red wine improves the mental functions of an individual.

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The rind of red grapes, an ingredient in red wine contains a compound known as resveratrol, which when ingested, enhances an individual’s memory, thereby making them sharp. Additionally, it boosts memory by decreasing the development of dementia. On estimate, individuals that take alcohol in moderation are twenty-three percent less likely to develop diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Consuming little amounts of alcohol enables this by making brain cells healthy, through stressing the cells and toughening them up to cope with significant stressors in life that could induce these ailments. Henceforth, during the later years of life, an individual can remember as much information as possible even from years ago.

Controlled drinking can lengthen one’s life. Drinking infrequently, about two drinks for women and four for men reduce death by eighteen percent.


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The notion is informed by the facts that; one, alcohol, mainly, red wine contain antioxidants and allergic acid that increases metabolism, thereby aiding in the control of obesity and fatty liver by decelerating the growth of fat cells. Thus, it protects people who consume it from obesity-related ailments such as heart diseases, diabetes among others. Second, taking alcohol reduces anxiety and stress, by quieting the brain and reducing the stress response hence helping individuals relax and loosen up.

Third, alcohol improves sociability by bringing people together to celebrate. As a result, it eliminates interpersonal worries and helps build strong friendships in which people can open up and discuss their emotions, problems and mental health issues. An individual accrues protection from various ailments. Alcohol, taken in moderation lowers the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, by raising the levels of the good cholesterol that increases the protection against heart diseases. Also, it averts the sticking together of platelets thus, alleviating chances of suffering from blood clots or clogged arteries.

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Moderated alcohol also boosts one’s vaccine by increasing its effects thereby, protecting and fighting against colds and flues. Moreover, the risk of developing type two diabetes lessens through developing a high sensitivity to insulin thus reducing its production. Chances of developing different types of cancers also decline by facilitating the absorption of folate, the vitamin B that limits the development of cancer cells. Controlled drinking enables the kicking of alcohol addiction. Since abstinence from alcohol is an uphill task, one that most people suffering from addiction fail to achieve repeatedly, moderating their alcohol intake can help alleviate this problem. As a recovery option, it provides addicts with a less restrictive path, whereby they can lessen their consumption to a manageable level. Moreover, the treatment empowers such individuals to track their intake, develop goals, identify, manage triggers to over drinking, and attain control.

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Conclusively, in today’s society, consuming alcoholic drinks is a regular practice among adults that makes its elimination in society hopeless. Alcohol poses detrimental effects to its consumers, but when its use is controlled, one’s memory improves; an individual enjoys an extended lifespan, protects people from developing various diseases and supports the alleviation of addiction.