P-Pump' 12 Valve The 1994 - 1998 Engines offer good power and torque, as well as good fuel economy. These engines have the Bosch P7100 inline manual fuel pump which produces 160-215HP stock.

With this pump, one can easily add 15-95HP by installing a fuel plate. These engines are possibly the most desirable 12-Valves because power upgrades are easily accomplished with fuel plate adjustments etc. If you get an extremely good deal on an earlier engine it may be cost effective to convert it to a P7100 pump if you like. There are many horse power upgrades that can be done to any of the 12-Valve engines without totally sacrificing fuel economy or reliability. When using a Ford radiator that has the upper radiator connection on the passenger side, it is helpful to replace the thermostat housing with the housing we offer; it points straight up, so it makes the upper radiator hose connection easier.

It includes a new thermostat and seals. When using this housing you will also need our Dodge alternator bracket. Radiators that have the upper hose connection on the driver side utilize the 'new' style thermostat housing that points to the driver side of the truck.

I recently began to build and offer for sale Volkswagen 1.9Tdi engine conversion kits for your Vanagon/Transporter/T25/Westfalia/Syncros. As they sit, all are very low-mileage and come with everything to run them: engine completely dressed, harnesses, ECUs, etc. (Also offering M-Tdi conversions during prep to engines.

Read on!) I have an AVG and AHU, as well as a couple of 1Z engines. All great choices to repower your VW Vanon, DOKA, Camper/Westfalia etc I also have on hand the kit to replace the aircooled engine in your VW with one of these Tdi options.

Kit comes with diesel transaxle, oil pan, oil filler, engine mount crossmembers, motor mounts and more. Hard to find stuff – make your Vanagon / T3/T25something special!

Latin online radio stations in vox player. radio app for mac 2017. I also have the Bosch pumps to convert these engines to all-mechanical (M-Tdi) function. Sweet and easy. COMPLETE CONVERSION KITS COME WITH ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:.

P Pump Conversion For Tdi Download For Mac

P Pump Conversion For Tdi Download For Mac

AVG/AHU/1Z low mileage engine. Engine has been converted for you and they come mounted with new/rebuilt Land Rover injection pump with mods done to run the VW. Engines are sold complete with alternator.

While here, engines get NEW T25/Vanagon/Transporter oil pump, used T25 oil pan, NEW water pump, NEW timing belt/tensioner/idler, NEW engine rear main seal, NEW exhaust manifold gaskets, and whatever water hose outlets need to be changed/modified are changed/modified. 51 degree mounting for Vanagon/T25/Transporter motor mount brackets and engine compartment cross-bars. New 215mm solid flywheel. New 215mm clutch/kit & proper new pilot bearing installed in crankshaft. Used T25/Vanagon/Diesel bellhousing for transmission-transaxle.

(I can source taller-geared unit for Tdi engine for you if you like.). New diesel accelerator cable. Oil Dipstick/ T25 oil filler neck. Diesel water hose kit with diesel coolant reservoir.

It is understood with the M-Tdi kits that you will be re-using your existing wiring from your old engine, as there will be nothing new to hook up in any new locations. Every kit is a little different, and everyone’s needs (and pocketbook) a bit different, too. Some people want as complete a kit requiring as little input from themselves as possible, and other people want to save some money by being involved with more wrench work. In short, these complete kits start at $4500 and can go up from there. This is for everything you need to install the engine and get it running in your truck, without having to run all over looking for one of these/one of those But please read the notes below: — NOTE! — I do not have a specific kit yet for intercooler/ pipework installation. I use a generic intercooler pipe kit and usually use a Land Rover Tdi intercooler (This includes air cleaner install).

You will have to get creative on your own in this department, or if you would like me to make this kit for you, contact me for pricing. — I do not include the exhaust for you after turbo downpipe – there is no exact, off-the-shelf pipe from here (until I have some made), and it is cheap enough to drive to the exhaust shop and ask someone there to make the pipe/muffler brackets/ muffler/ etc. Again, if you need help with this let me know and I can share how I do it, and what it costs. Call 912-414-8993 with any questions about these.