Voice Over IP (VOIP) software maker Skype on Wednesday rolled out a new beta release of, version 2.6. It’s a free download. Skype enables Mac, PC and Linux users to send and receive calls over the Internet using VOIP technology. The software works similarly to iChat and other voice-enabled chat technology, even providing instant messaging, SMS and video chat capabilities, but where it differs is in its ability to send and receive calls to landlines and mobile phones (using optional, pay-to-play features). New to this release of Skype for Mac is Call Transfer. The feature, which debuts on the Mac version of Skype first, enables you to transfer ongoing Skype calls to other users on your Skype contact list.

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The new version also sports improved audio quality and better stability. Skype for Mac has better feature-parity with its Windows counterpart than before, according to the company, adding features like public chat, chat typing indicator, the ability to call any Skype Prime premium service provider and pay with Skype credit, automatic updates, and DTMF tones for automatic answering services through Skype-to-Skype calls. System requirements call for a G4/800MHz or faster (Skype is a Universal binary), Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later, 512MB RAM, 40MB hard disk space, microphone, Webcam optional, broadband Internet connection. This story, 'Skype 2.6 beta adds Call Transfer' was originally published.