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2.1 spoiler(/s 'Hildibrand is my hero'). This will display as. What kind of Mac do you play on? Depending on the Mac you have, the gpu will have a lot to say on the fps you’ll be getting. If you dont have a discrete gpu, your mostly out of luck unless you buy those external gpu magic boxes. Otherwise its perfectly doable if youre a little techsavvy. I recommend you intall windows through dual boot - bootcamp.

Ffxiv Mac Client


FF XIV works so much better on windows, so does all other games lol. You’ll only need the windows license. If youre playing on laptop, remember to download a fan controller software and crank that sht to max lol. I myself am currently playing on my Macbook pro 15 inch 2016, with the rx 450.

Ffxiv Mac Version

Easy 60fps if you turn down th settings.