How To Set Up Out Of Office Reply In Outlook For Mac 2011

. Go to and log in. Click the gear icon (Settings) on the top right of the Web page next to your name Set automatic replies.

Select Send automatic replies. All the options under it will turn from gray to black. You can:.


How To Set Out Of Office Reply In Outlook Mac

Set the start and end times. Set text to include when replying to people at UB. Send a reply with a separate message to anyone outside UB (only if you use the Outlook client and have your Contacts saved on the Outlook server.). Click save to enable your message. To remove automatic replies, select Don't send automatic replies.

Outlook Mac Out Of Office Reply

I want to use automatic reply rules to forward mail to a colleague when I’m out of the office, but I don’t want to announce to everyone that I’m out. Is there a way to use autoreply rules and not send an out of office to everyone? Yes, but only for internal addresses. If you enable automatic replies but leave the message field blank, the automatic reply rules will run but no reply is sent. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for external addresses – you’ll need to set a message but can limit automatic replies to Contacts only. This method will also work with Outlook.com accounts. To set up Out of Office, open the Out of Office dialog from the File tab.

How to set out of office reply in outlook mac

Select Send Automatic replies. Select the time period it will be in effect, if desired. Click Rules in the lower left corner of the dialog. Click Add Rule to create your Out of office rules. To Forward all messages, tick Forward and enter an email address. Choose the forwarding Method. Standard is a normal forward, with the message From you with the forward header in the body, while Insert as attachment does just that.

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Leave message intact will redirect the message to the address, so it appears to be from the original sender (this looks nicer but could trigger junk mail filters). Click Ok when finished.