The SPSS Statistics Subscription can be purchased as a monthly or annual subscription, and is charged at the beginning of the monthly or annual billing period. As a first-time IBM Marketplace customer you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. If you are a returning customer, you can pay with a credit card like before, or with a purchase order (PO) or invoice. You will be automatically billed on a periodic basis, according to the terms of your subscription. If you make your purchase with a credit card, your credit card will be billed automatically on a regular basis-again, according to the terms of your purchase-if you pay by invoice, you'll get another invoice automatically, and so on.

Other payment options are available, please contact an IBM seller via the website for more information. You can turn off auto-renewal for your SPSS Subscription at any time at least 14 days prior to the end of your current billing cycle (monthly or annual). You will continue to have access to your subscription through the end of the billing cycle.

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We do not provide refunds or credits for partial subscription periods. To cancel your subscription plan, log into your My IBM account. On the Products page, click the 'Manage' button next to your SPSS Subscription listing.

Next, click the 'Cancel plan' link in the Overview page. You will be sent an email with the nearest termination date based on when you purchased. If online cancel is not an option, you will be provided with a link to contact our eCustomer Care team. If you purchased an SPSS Subscription from a third party reseller and wish to cancel your subscription, you may need to contact them or use their self-serve cancel service on their website or portal.

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SPSS 13.0 for Mac OS X: brief guide SPSS, Inc. 2006 ISBN: 248 pages File type: PDF 14,3 mb The SPSS? 13.0 for Mac OS X Brief Guide provides a set of tutorials designed to acquaint you with the various components of the SPSS system. You can work through the tutorials in sequence or turn to the topics for which you need additional information. You can use this guide as a supplement to the online tutorial that is included with the SPSS Base 13.0 system or ignore the online tutorial and start with the tutorials found here.