Review 1Password is popular password manager software especially in mac user community. It was developed by AgileBits, and first released in year 2006. It works beyond the simple password management by integrating its functionality directly with your web browser.

I personally prefer Dreamweaver. Now that Adobe owns Macromedia, I think there's a good chance that GoLive will be discontinued, but for the time being it is still available. Im having trouble finding tob for macbook. I preferred it on the PC before I switched, and I prefer it on the Mac now. Anyway, the big (former) competitor to Dreamweaver is Adobe GoLive. I highly recommend it Or, you could just go freehand and use TextEdit - which is what I started off doing, but I am a web developer anyway, and I'd rather not spend my free time at home working on my own site(s), when you can use compliant, easy WSYSIWYG software HTH PS: there are pleny of threads about this too, so it's better for you to use the search function instead of starting another thread as there's lots of comments on this topic.

This allows you to quickly log in to different websites, fill registration forms, enter information of credit cards, and quite easily generate secured passwords. 1Password for Mac creates strong and unique passwords for all of your websites and hence it helps you to log in with a single tap. Its working procedure is simple that offers convenient security. 1Password for Mac provides the easiest method to protect you from password reuse, password memory loss and data breaches.

Security Audit 1Password for Mac can show all your items that include weak, old and duplicate passwords so that you can easily decide which one to reinforce and update. It gives a quick look at the strength of each Login password and then it updates them in the most secure manner. With the reused passwords security of your system will be at bigger risk and 1Pasword for Mac saves you from such risks by quickly finding duplicate passwords and then replacing them with strong and unique passwords. It stores all your passwords in an encrypted database file and you only need to know the password of that database file. If you do not remember that then you are also assisted with a random password generator that secures your local storage with a 256-bit authentication system. Interface 1Password for Mac is basically a three-part solution as it has a main application which works as the central depository for your passwords.

Then it has a mini version of the menu bar and the last part of this triad is one with whom you most interact with i.e. Browser extension. This extension is also available for Safari, Firefox Chrome, and Opera as well. Just by right clicking to the contextual menu you will have most options of the full 1Password software. The functionality of interface of the main application is quite easy to use and it will also seem quite familiar if you have ever used a 3-pane mail or RSS app. It has been updated from 1Password 3 with a little more color and allot more features such as integration of cloud and Favorites.

1Password Watchtower The feature of 1Password Watchtower keeps you informed about your security as it checks your Logins for known vulnerabilities and then tells you about the need of new passwords for some sites. It is a service that recognizes websites that are vulnerable to Heartbleed and then it suggests which sites need to have their passwords changed to be properly secured.


Heartbleed is basically a problem in OpenSSL which is a software library used for securing your communication by most of the websites. 1Password for Mac’s 1Passwod Watchtower is a free service and once you enable it either under Security Audit or as a preventive measure it will competently alert you if website is found to be at any risk. Support Section: The support section of 1Password for Mac’s company website comprises a high-quality manual and that is why it is better in offering real support to its customers compared to its competitors. The online customer care center lets you see your orders and licenses in the most convenient manner.

You will also be allowed to update your registration information if necessary. You can directly access support personnel with the help of email services which is quite normal for the industry but additionally you can communicate with the publisher of 1Password or AgileBits, through Facebook or Twitter.


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All the blogs available on company’s site are well written and explain all the technical security topics in easily accessible and appropriate manner. Conclusion Working of 1Password for Mac is quite simple and it offers convenient security. It efficiently creates strong and unique passwords for all your accounts and helps you in login just with a click. It integrates directly all the main browsers and also allows you to automatically fill long forms, shopping carts quite easily. It saves your wallet space by storing things such as your social security number, app passwords, reward programs, and so forth. With the help of this you can keep using your favorite browser or even you can switch amongst browsers whenever you wish and bring all your identities, passwords, credit card information or other credentials quite easily. It’s a competent password manager for all your on-line and off-line work.