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RightFont Mac App Review: The next generation font manager for Mac. One of the frustrations I have when writing or designing is dealing with my fonts.

I’ve collected a wonderful menagerie of fonts throughout the years and love having a variety to choose from, but it can become cumbersome sifting through the menu of font names trying to remember which ones I like and prefer for different uses. RightFont for Mac was created to assist designers with this very task – managing your fonts. RightFont is a lightweight font manager that helps you to review and use all your local fonts within a clean, well-designed interface. RightFont is what I would consider to be a utility app and lives within your menu bar on your Mac. Some of the features include:.

Rightfont For Mac

Access Anytime Directly From Your Menubar. Mark Any Font As Starred With A Click. Create & Manage Font Collections (Coming Soon).

Access Fonts Directly In Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Etc. Instant Search Results As You Type.

Change Font Preview & Font Size In Realtime At first, I thought that RightFont would allow me to turn fonts on and off within its interface, but it’s not really set-up that way. The app will open a window that shows you all your local fonts.

Rightfont Mac Cracked

Rightfont For Mac

Best Fonts On Mac

You can then search based on style, weight or width of font and immediately select it for use within another app. Currently, RightFont is within the beta stages of development and as such, it only works with Photoshop and Sketch 3, but developers are anticipating support for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator soon. Not really knowing what to expect from this utility, I was impressed by its seamless integration with Photoshop. After installation, I tweaked some of the settings and reset the preview text, which I thought was a great option provided by the developers. Then, I opened up Photoshop to see how well the concept worked.

For RightFont to work, you must select a type layer within a Photoshop file. Once you do, you can then open the RightFont window and double click a font for it to be applied to the type layer.

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I know that some users may not see this as a necessary function, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fumbled through using the native Mac font window or an app’s poor excuse for a preview. It’s been a huge time waster for me in the past. Having the ability to have an easy to view, accessible way to review my fonts is a time saver and I’m excited to see RightFont rolled out into other apps – even into use with apps like Pages and Keynote. As mentioned, RightFont is currently in a beta version and available to download from the developer at. Find RightFont on.