A month after landed on the beta channel, the stable version of Google’s next-generation browser has emerged officially for the Mac users. Now Google Chrome 14 can be updated on your Mac OS X Lion machine. The stable version of Google Chrome not only supports Mac OS X Lion but also offers a new way to integrate native code into web apps. This means the apps written in C or C can run within the browser.

Google Chrome For Mac 10.5.8

Chrome will allow programs to run within protected sandboxes to cut down the security threats. This Native Client technology works with web apps available in the Chrome Web Store. Update Google Chrome on Mac 10.7 Lion From the end user point of new, the update offers full-screen support on Mac OS X Lion which is a huge plus for power users. Also, Chrome is streamlined with Lion’s overlay scrollbars. The update also includes Web Audio API that lets developers to add special audio effects without leaving the browser.

If you already have Google Chrome installed on your Mac computer, apply the update by clicking on Chrome from the menu bar and go to About Google Chrome. To activate full-screen browsing on your Mac, use the hot-key combo of Ctrl+Shift+F.

How to download and install google chrome for Mac Os? Here are simple the steps:. Go to google chrome developer and choose other platform like this:.

Google Chrome For Mac Free Download

Update Google Chrome For Mac

Select mac os platform on pop-up screen:. Click install button on pop-up screen:. Click downloaded file and wait until installation and update finished:.

Google Chrome For Mac

drag google chrome to your application folder:. open google chrome icon on taskbar and login with your google account: Google chrome ready to use on your Mac. Please like and share google chrome download and installation to your social media to help us develop this website.