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Here's some good news for anyone who likes having joy and excitement in their life: is free to download for PC on Origin right now. It normally sells for $5, but for a limited time, you can get it to keep and play every day forever. So hurry to the to download your copy now-it's been available for quite some time now, so it could be going back to its regular price soon.

What's the big deal about Peggle? If you haven't played this marvelous and highly addictive game, it's like a psychedelically-enhanced version of pachinko.

Is Ea Origin Good


You aim and shoot a ball from the top of the screen. The ball bounces and ricochets between colorful pegs on its way to the bottom. Old model seagate backup plus slim 500gb portable hard drive for mac.

Each peg it touches disappears. Clear out all the orange pegs, and you can proceed to the next level. It's a wonderfully simple setup that combines skill and luck in equal measure.

Ea Origin For Mac

Each new world has its own 'teacher' who grants you a limited power that can help you clear pegs in all sorts of creative new ways. Throw in a bunch of optional challenges, and you have a game you can spend many pleasant hours trying to complete. Whether you've played it before or not, Peggle is always worth a download when it's free. Head over to the to add it to your collection before the price goes back up.