Vibe Vixen Vibe Vixen was a spin-off of the urban stalwart Vibe magazine that was geared toward men and women who were into hip-hop music, fashion, cars and gadgets. Created in 2004 for Vibe’s female readers, Vibe Vixen focused on fashion, health and beauty, dating, entertainment, and societal issues for “urban minded females.” Wendy Williams, Tracee Ellis Ross and Estelle were some of the celebs that graced the cover of the magazine. Vibe Vixen was released quarterly until its print publications stopped and all of their efforts went online.

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JET Originally billed “The Weekly Negro News,” JET magazine has been in Black homes across the country for more than 60 years. Founded by John H. Johnson of Johnson Publishing Company in 1951, the magazine first garnered attention by covering the Civil Rights movement.

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The publication began to cover fashion and beauty tips, entertainment news, dating advice, political coverage, health tips and offered diet guides. Redd Foxx once called JET the ‘Negro bible” but it was recently announced that at the end of June and will continue on as a digital magazine app. Teens may have Twitter and Instagram to find out the latest on their favorite idols now but before the birth of social media, there was Right On! Started in 1971 to fill the void of a lack of publications out there for Black teens, it covered everything in pop culture geared towards its target audience. In the early years the magazine focused on super group The Jackson Five. Also helped the R&B group New Edition reach a larger audience.

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But readership fell over time and the magazine rolled out its last issue in 2011. Heart & Soul While most magazines geared towards the Black community would include a section about health, Heart & Soul devoted its entire publication to the overall wellbeing of the Black woman. With articles such as “Walk a Marathon in 18 Weeks,” “The Bliss of Inner and Outer Beauty,” and “Summer Beauty Survival Kits,” Heart & Soul kept its readers educated and informed about all things health related. Like most publications struggling to stay out of the red, Heart & Soul saw its advertising dollars dry up and it soon went out of print publication.

American Legacy While other magazines were filled with entertainment and pop culture news, American Legacy magazine went after a different mindset. The only magazine at the national level with editorial content focusing exclusively on African-American history and culture, American Legacy even created its own family board game aimed at educating the Black youth on its rich history. Several years ago, American Legacy abruptly ceased printing due to a lack of advertising dollars but resumed its regular quarterly release in 2012. Emerge Emerge magazine had some powerful investors behind it. Founded in 1989 and backed by Time Inc. And BET, Emerge was targeted to Black professionals and was “designed to meet the needs of this new, affluent generation, a generation that assumes different kinds of responsibilities along with the new opportunities and freedoms it enjoys.” In 1994, the magazine went on the chopping blocks but was saved when an investor poured $2.8 million into Emerge.

However, it couldn’t be saved forever and abruptly folded in 2000.

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