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The Security Mount is ideal for:. Classrooms and Computer Labs. Digital Signage Systems. Interactive Whiteboards.

Home Entertainment Centers. Kiosks / Retail Displays.

Every Mac Mini Sold! How do I mount it, lock it & unlock it? The Mac Mini Security mount is the simplest mount on the market to install while providing the highest available security for your Mac Mini. The mount is equipped with 8 mounting holes allowing you to secure it to any flat surface including the back of a monitor with standard 75 or 100 VESA mount holes. You can safely screw the mount to a wall, underside of a desk, side of a cabinet or even the ceiling (for those that want to be different) using the included wood screws.

Once you've screwed down the mount, simply slide your Mac Mini into the mount, hook up the cables and attach the included lock. Attaching the lock is easy, just line it up with the small round locking hole and screw it in using the included key, turning to the right. To unlock it, insert the key into the lock, turn counter-clockwise until the lock is removed and slide the Mac Mini out. What's it made of? Our Mac Mini Security Mount is made of an extremely high grade Aluminum. The material was selected and constructed specifically to ensure that your Mac Mini will never overheat.

The stiff aluminum also resists prying and twisting making theft virtually impossible. The design gives you full access to the power button and important USB, HDMI & Ethernet ports at the back while ensuring that the RAM and other internal components of the computer can't be accessed while locked.

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Basically, you can now mount your Mac Mini anywhere making sure it isn't damaged or stolen without sacrificing access or esthetics. High-Security Lock Included You may not be aware of this, but only the Tryten Mac Mini Mount actually includes the lock! The competitors require that you purchase a lock separately at your own expense. Not only do we include a lock, we include a High-Security anti-pick solid-steel premium lock (that's a lot of adjectives for one lock). With 7 active pins and a dummy pin, we've included every security feature available into a small lock. You don't need to worry about someone with a ballpoint pen getting your Mac Mini, it isn't going anywhere once it's in our mount.

Custom Keying Options For those that are rolling out a fleet of Mac Mini computers into their labs, schools or across their company and don't want a complex key management system, we've got you covered. Each Mac Mini comes with two keys that will only work with that one mount. For a few dollars you can add a master keySKU: T9925US that will open all of the mounts you buy. For those that want an even simpler solution, 1 key to rule them all, we can provide keyed-alike locks as a part of a custom order.

For more info on the keying options, give us a call at 1-800-860-4455 and press 1 for sales. Cable Lock Optional Most computers, and until a few years ago even the Mac Mini, have the option of being locked with a cable lock.

Cable locks aren't as secure as a mount but they do provide the convenience of mobility and flexibility. While the latest models of the Mac Mini don't support a cable lock, the Tryten Mac Mini Security Mount does. Our Laptop Lock Pro fits the mount like a glove and comes with three keying options: Keyed-Different, Keyed-Alike and Master-Keyed. If you've purchased a bunch of our competition's cable locks (you're forgiven), they may even work with the mount. Model Brand Tryten Model T5425US Details Specifications Height:1.7' (43.18mm) Length:8.25' (209.55mm) Width:8' (203.2mm) Weight:1.04lbs (0.47kg) Mount: Aluminum Lock: Stainless Steel Package Contents: 1 x Aluminum Mac Mini Security Mount 1 x High-Security Keyed Lock 2 x Keys for included Lock 4 x Wood Screws for Wall/Desk Mounting 4 x Machine Screws for Vesa/Monitor Mounting 1 x User Guide Features Features High Security Cam Lock Included Aluminum Mount For Apple Mac Mini The All New Mac Mini Security Mount.

Universal Mounting, Unparalleled Security. The Security Mount is ideal for: - Classrooms and Computer Labs - Digital Signage Systems - Interactive Whiteboards - Home Entertainment Centers - Kiosks / Retail Displays - Every Mac Mini Sold! Tryten manufactures the only Mac Mini Mount that includes a high-security lock.

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The Mac Mini features: high security locks, custom keying options, cable lock option and zero WiFi signal loss. Pros: This mount fits the mac mini perfectly, and the low profile lock in the back keeps it secure and the cords available. Its a lot more sturdy than I expected it to be and it looks nice. Cons: I can't think of any specific cons. Other Thoughts: I'm not sure what the other commenter's issues are, but my mount fits over the Vesa holes perfectly.

Tryten can't predict where the monitor cords are going to come from and if they are behind the Vesa holes, then obviously that would be cumbersome, but that is an issue with monitor design, not the Mac Mini Mount. Pros: One of the few (only?) Mac Mini mounts available here. Probably works fine if you're not mounting the Mac Mini to the back of your monitor. But if you are, oh boy. Cons: Well for starters, the stock Vesa holes are a joke. I went to mount it on my brand new Asus monitor and found that no matter what, using the stock Vesa holes would mean the mount would cover the VGA/DVI/HDMI ports on the monitor, and also the power cord connector!

I was able to 'modify' this with my drill, but I should not have to drill my own holes in a $60 metal 'universal' mount. I could forgive all that, but it isn't even the best part.

When I tried to mount it, one of the screws actually broke the little metal guide inside my monitor! Apparently to this company, 'universal' means 'universal to whatever brand of monitor we tested this on'.

It would not have broken their budget to include a few other screws of different sizes! Now I am left with a brand new monitor that has a chopped down piece of screw stuck for the rest of it's life, and a mount held up by a few screws I happened to have in my drawer which left small scratches in the back of my machine. This is unacceptable for what claims to be a universal mount. Other Thoughts: If this is truely meant to be 'universal', I don't think it would kill them to drill a few more VESA-purposed holes, and to include a few more screws to accomodate the VESA holes any brand of monitor may have. Unless you are planning on mounting this to a desk, I advise you look elsewhere. The following guidelines apply to all product categories unless otherwise indicated within specific categories. New: This means the product will ship as received by the manufacturer, sealed, with all advertised components, and with the manufacturer warranty.

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Functionality issues beyond signs of use should be disclosed in product description.

Mac Mini Security Mount

Even though a only occupies about 60 square inches of desktop space, you still might want to keep it completely out of sight. There are a number of ready-made brackets available that will let you easily mount a mini either under a desk or directly behind an LCD display. ($57.99) This steel bracket comes in two sizes. One fits the new 2010 Mac mini and the other fits all previous models. This is probably the most versatile of the lot, as it will mount either under a desk or to a VESA mount on the back of an LCD display. It features a steel locking bar for security and it comes with a 35cm short monitor cable and mounting supplies. ($52.99) This bracket is designed for the 2010 Mac mini form factor, but Macessity also manufactures a similar “Hang With Mi” bracket for the older-sized minis.

These units do not have holes suitable for VESA mounting and they are only designed for use under a desk. They do, however, have a built-in powered 4-port USB2.0 hub, which is nice if you plan to also mount USB devices out of sight. An optional swivel mount is available if you need to be able to rotate your computer while mounted. (£14.99) Although the picture below shows these relatively inexpensive acrylic mounting brackets being used to secure a, they are also designed to work with a Mac mini.


They can also be used to secure an Airport Extreme. 5 Comments for “Three accessories to help keep your Mac mini out of sight”. Posted by Mike on Holy Heat Dissipation Problems, Batman! I would never clamp up a Mini with any of these you’ll fry the thing in no time flat.

And that’s before taking into account the ambient heat radiating off the back of an LCD monitor. The Mac Mini has passive cooling, not an active fan — that’s why it’s so quiet — and it needs lots of room and clear air around it or it can overheat and be permanently damaged. Especially don’t back it up to anything, because the primary vents are in back. At least these clamps don’t do that, or else they’d be even more dangerous.

Of the three, the MacCessity underhang mount is the closest to being usable, and that’s if you’re darned confident that your room temperature (and under-desk temperature) is going to stay nice and low. I realize some readers may be Canadian, and you may have no problem with these in your igloo. Posted by Brad on In response to Mike’s comment, I have a mini (the model immediately prior to the 2010 redesign), and almost all of the heat dissipation is in the back of the unit. Putting my hand on it, even when running intensive applications for extended periods, has always shown that it’s relatively cool on the top and sides (never too much above room temperature), while the back nearly always has an elevated temperature (sometimes significantly so). I know it’s not recommended by many (myself included, when talking to most people), but I’ve even taken to putting things on top of it, and have never had any problems or close calls. Besides which, even if it were to overheat, Macs include a built-in failsafe shutdown that would occur well before permanent damage could possibly take place.

And, as I said, I’ve never observed temperatures approaching that. In fact, I’ve never even felt it get close to as hot as my old PowerBook G4 can routinely get. Honestly, all of these mounts look fine to me, and I doubt that the passive cooling it uses would be a major concern unless you block the rear vents, as you said.