I've been trying to call a vba macro in Word 2016, I'm wondering if this no longer possible? The Applecsript dictionary to Word 2016 gives: run VB macro e.g.

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FreeOs X Automation With Applescript To Generate Word For MacOs X Automation With Applescript To Generate Word For Mac

Os X Automator With Applescript To Generate Word For Mac Free

My code: tell application 'Microsoft Word' run VB macro 'ArtbriefL' but I have had on success. The macro itself works perfectly when started within Word 2016. I was able to call this macro from Applescript previously in Word 2004 and Word 2011 with tell application 'Microsoft Word' «event MSWDdovb» 'ArtbriefL' end tell but this doesn't work either with Word 2016, nor does the code 'do Visual Basic', which I think was once the recommended code. Any help gratefully received, or confirmation that I should stick with Word 2011 and not upgrade for as long as Word 2011 remain compatible with the latest Mac OS X?

Os X Automator With Applescript To Generate Word For Mac

What you are trying to do cannot be done anymore when running Office for the Mac 2016. This is due to Apple's security rules/restrictions and Microsoft's chosen implementation of these rules. The best source for learning what you can do with AppleScript and Microsoft Office 2016 application is to visit Ron de Bruin's website. Ron is an Excel MVP and though his examples are targeted to Excel, they can be adapted to work with Word. Your only other option, at this time, is to stay with Office 2011 until Microsoft releases a fully functional (from an automation standpoint) version of their Office 2016 product.

However, I have no idea if or when that might occur. Nor do I know if anything will change regarding AppleScript's ability to launch a Microsoft Office application and macro. Hope this helps Richard V. Michaels info@greatcirclelearning.com Provides free AuthorTec add-ins for Mac-Office and Win-Office.