Foundation – ProtoSketch is a native iOS, Mac app written with the latest available technologies from Apple. It is Stable and reliable it has an autosave, iCloud backup and many other privileges it inherits from Apple! Competitive Pricing – The price is just and subscription free unlike other competitors with very high prices and subscription based models.

Simplicity – Some softwares have so many tools entire live is not enough to learn them all. We are not trying to give you every tool there is just the right amount of tools to make the design you want. Simple, easy, fast and intuitive designing. We focus more on workflows than on tools available. Alt + Shift Combos (iPad) – something never before implemented in an iPad app! And it is a productivity killer not to have it.

Huge Roadmap – We have the ambition to bring many new features and grow the product with each new update until it becames the ultimate design tool we envisioned.


Quite simply, the finest Desktop-Class design software ever released. Make slick designs in minutes! You are a designer, a marketer or just want to sketch something, you want to make a logo or a new landing page for your business - ProtoSketch is your digital canvas! You don't have to learn anything, just choose the brush and start sketching!

Supercharged with icons, fonts, ui elements, basic and complex drag and drop shapes. It is easy to design anything from logo and icon to website and mobile app. Lossless vector graphics that you can scale infinitely and continue on your desktop. 'ProtoSketch puts the 'Pro' in iPad Pro!' 'Beautiful design in a thoughtful package.' 'One of the best design tools you have to try in 2016' WHAT MAKES THIS APP BETTER THAN OTHER DESIGN TOOLS?

Protosketch For Mac

- Made with lots of LOVE by designers for designers! - The iPad is not a PC. ProtoSketch wasn't adapted from a desktop app. It was created from the ground up exclusively for iPad. Our workflow is different - we have dedicated ALT, SHIFT and REPEAT buttons and all the commands relative to your selection appear as buttons on the bounding box. We call them shortcuts because they work as keyboard shortcuts on your PC.The app works beautifully with Apple Pencil you can draw, sketch and concept your ideas.

But hey nothing will stop you from finishing your idea and polishing it to perfection. Proto has all the tools you need. AGILE, we are doing constant updates, enriching your experience and adding new features. HUGE ROADMAP, there is a lot of stuff ahead better vector tools, a mac app, prototyping, real-time collaboration and more. EXCELLENT Support, send us feedback on fb, tw and via email.

We'd love to chat:) WHAT CAN YOU CREATE?