The “Settings” screen displays on a new tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the “Settings” screen and click the “Show advanced settings” link. We’re going to set up a new default folder as the location where Chrome saves downloaded files. However, you can have Chrome ask you every time to choose the download folder location.

To do this, select the “Ask where to save each file before downloading” check box so there is a check mark in the box. To change the download folder location, click “Change” to the right of the “Download location” edit box. On the “Browse For Folder” dialog box, navigate to the folder where you want to save folders by default and click “OK”. The path to the selected folder displays in the “Download location” edit box. This location displays in the “Save As” as the default location, if you’ve selected the “Ask where to save each file before downloading” check box. Click the “X” button on the “Settings” tab to close it.

There are additional actions you can take on downloads. To open the “Downloads” list, press “Ctrl + J” or select “Downloads” from the Chrome menu (3 horizontal bars) in the upper-right corner of the window.

Hbpix file auto downloading in chrome for macbook

You can also enter “chrome://downloads” in the Omnibox (address box) and press “Enter”. The downloaded files are listed in order of most recent to farthest back in time. To remove an item from the “Downloads” list, click the “Remove from list” link below the item. To open the folder containing one of the downloaded files, click the “Show in folder” link below that item. Once you have downloaded a file, you can quickly and easily move it to another location by dragging and dropping it from the “Downloads” list in Chrome to a folder in File Explorer or any other file browser you are using. TIP: It’s a good idea to clear out your downloaded files list on occasion so finding files in the list doesn’t get too difficult.

About Ads by Hbpix Ads by Hbpix is a potential unwanted program. It executes displaying ads in various forms, covering pop-ups, window banners, audio and video ads. It is indicated with the highlight “powered by Ads by Hbpix”, “Sponsored by Ads by Hbpix”, or “ads by Ads by Hbpix”. It marks itself to get commission when the links on these ads are clicked. They insert auto-clicked links, when So when computer users received these ads, they open these ads wherever they click the mouse. But these ads will link to the malwareeyloggers or any other potentially unwanted programs.

Ads by Hbpix can infect in the computer center without computer users’ permission. It inserts its executable code on the system covertly so it will run automatically. When it is installed fully in the registry entries, severe damage is caused and it is irreversible.

The resources of this computer will be occupied and the operation become dull. It can also give scam pop-up on the screen to cheat users for money and spy on the data running there. In closing, if the computer has Ads by Hbpix on board, it will cause huge damage there.

Our expert groups advise you to get rid of it immediately. How does Ads by Hbpix get inside your computer?

Ads by Hbpix is imported when you download freeware from authorized websites. They cost free in downloading this freeware, but it makes money for exporting the malicious bundle.

When users download this and approve the installation terms, Ads by Hbpix gets infected the computer. And it also happens with downloading free music, free video, or free game. And it can earn more if you install more malicious or unwanted programs introduced by it. So it will set some secret options in the installation agreements.

Hbpix File Auto Downloading In Chrome For Macbook


If you always install applications with custom options, you will have many dangerous threats installed here. Please pay more attentions when you are going to download them.

Easy Guide to Remove ADS BY HBPIX completely (Guides for Windows PC: Chapter 1、Mac OS: chapter2. ) If you are a Windows User, please start from here; If you are a Mac User, please turn to the next Chapter below. Chapter 1 Remove Ads by Hbpix from Windows PC Step 1 Scan the Windows PC with SpyHunter Anti-Malware ( SpyHunter Anti-Malwareprovides free scan service and it is easy to use. It scans, detects and removes any malware, virus, rootkit, as well as threats like Ads by Hbpix. The tool is powerful enough to find malicious items that are hidden on the computer.) 1 Download by clicking the links below.

Save it to your Desktop so that we can get access to it easily. 2 After downloading, double-click SpyHunter-Installer and start the installation. 3 Click Run to start the installation procedure. 4 It will provide you language choices, choose the one you want and click OK. 5 Then, the page will turn to an introduction of SpyHunter. Click Continue to go on the installation. 6 You need to accept the End User License Agreements before SpyHunter Virus-Removal Tool can be installed onto the computer.

Choose ‘ I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy’. Then, click Install button. 7 Then the installation is in progress and after the page of “ setup successful” turns up, click EXIT. 8 After installing SpyHunter, click on Scan to begin checking the system for presence of rootkit and virus. The tool reveals items that were found linked to Ads by Hbpix and other malicious programs. 9 When the scan is completed, the page will display all the threats and all the dangerous results. Click Fix Threats to remove all of them.

Step 2 Fix all Files damaged and protect the computer with RegcurePro 1 Download the tool called from the links below. 2 Locate the file and double-click RegCureProSetup to start installing the tool. After reading the Software End USER LICENSE AGREEMENT, please click Accept and Install to continue. 3 When RegcurePro is installed, it will automatically run and Click to Start Scan button will help you to detect all the problems and threats on the computer. 4 It searches for presence of harmful programs, plug-ins, add-ons, or any data including Junk files that were found malicious and linked to Ads by Hbpix. You need to Fix All to tackle all items detected by this tool. Note:We recommend you to keep RegcurePro on the computer and check the status of your PC periodically to keep away from malware and virus.

Another Method to Remove Ads by Hbpix from Windows PC. (If you are a computer expert, congratulations and you have another options here. If you are not an expert, please stop here because you will take a risk losing all the important files of the computer and endangering the whole system.

) Step 1 Remove Ads by Hbpix from your browsers (guides for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, you need to find out all the Ads by Hbpix extensions and remove them. ⇒ Google Chrome Run the Google Chrome and find the “ Menu” button in the upper right corner. Select“ More tools”.