Provide an ideal online protection to your whole family with Safe Eyes for Mac. It is an effective web content filter to help you block questionable stuff, limit spent time on the Internet, as well as control web-based programs like media players, instant messengers and P2P file transferring apps. The parental control software from McAfee, Safe Eyes upgrades its filtering servers regularly to keep your protection up-to-date. The application stores all your account settings to its secure servers which allow you to monitor your kids’ online activities regardless of which Mac they use in your home. Download Safe Eyes for Mac to always keep aware of your child’s online activities.


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With the full version of Safe Eyes, you can restrict access to certain websites. The integrated popup blocker automatically removes irritating ads that prompt when you visit websites.

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You can monitor visited websites by another user and share this information with your peers. The best part of this Internet access control software is that it is the only application that calls you on phone when a suspicious activity is detected.

The Mac parental control software includes nearly 35 website filtering categories. These categories cover everything ranging from pornography to e-commerce websites.

Download Safe Eyes Parental Control Software For Mac

You can choose appropriate websites for your kids to use. Key features of Safe Eyes Time Controls: Lets you specify a fixed time amount spent by your kids as well as time of day you want the Internet to be available Program Controls: You can control P2P file sharing, instant messengers, media players, newsgroups, and other chat programs. It integrates with various instant messaging apps such as ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL Instant Messenger Usage Logging: Creates and reviews logs of visited websites, instant messengers and programs used on the Internet Content Controls: Enables you to select appropriate websites for your kids to use Usage Alerts: Notifies you via text messages, emails and phone calls on occurrence of suspicious activities Words blocking on search engines: Can block some keywords or phrases from being searched. It can even block keywords in foreign languages The pros Clip-by-clip YouTube videos filtering Can block social networks Easy-to-use interface The cons Unable to block explicit downloads via iTunes The bottom line Safe Eyes is an outstanding choice to keep an eye on your child’s activities when they’re on the Internet. Along with storing web usage information on Safe Eyes’ secure servers, it also gives you the ability to store the information on your Mac. However, the recorded information on Safe Eyes’ servers can never be deleted or tampered. You can use any web browser to access these records anytime.

About Safe Eyes for Mac Fast, effective, and reliable, the Safe EyesTM Parental Control Software is the ideal online protection for your entire family! Safe EyesTM makes it easy to block objectionable material, limit time spent online, and control internet-based programs such as instant messengers, media players, and peer-to-peer file sharing applications. Its filtering servers are refreshed daily so your Parental Controls are always up-to-date. All account settings are stored on the Safe EyesTM secure servers which allows your children to be covered regardless of which computer they use in your home. Whether you are using Windows or Mac OSX, Safe EyesTM is the name you can trust to provide all of the benefits of the Internet with none of the worry.